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Fast-paced gameplay and brutal gunfights have long been a staple of the COD series. You will, however, engage in combat that is unprecedentedly hyper-realistic in the new Modern Warfare 2. There are many ways you can defeat your opponent, and there are many ways it can also happen to you. You will consequently constantly encounter fresh difficulties on the battlefield. However, you can disable the HUD if you’re an experienced player and want to make the game even more difficult. This article will explain how to conceal the HUD in MW2.

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Table of Contents

How to Disguise the MW2 HUD

Modern Warfare 2 Tier 1 Mode

The compass, grenade indicator, ammo status, and many more features are all included in the Heads-up Display to aid you throughout the game. However, you have the choice to try playing it without any of this assistance. Currently, there is no easy way to disable it, but you can somewhat restrict it. You must play on Tier 1 mode in Modern Warfare 2 to hide the HUD. This is comparable to the ‘Hardcore Mode’ in earlier games. Follow these easy steps to achieve

Open the game’s Main Menu and select Private Match.
After that, click “Create Private Match” and a game mode.
Once you have, choose “Game Setup” and then “Game Rules” from its menu.
then select the Gameplay tab at the top.
There is a toggle for “Tier 1 Mode” there.
You’re done once you turn on the toggle.

With the exception of a handful, this will turn off the HUD components in the game. However, it will also make friendly fire possible and drastically reduce your HP. This feature can also be used to capture clear screenshots of the game. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to use them for your videos or simply show off your fantastic weapon.

That is all we have to say about hiding the HUD in MW2.


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