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An open-world MMORPG called Tower of Fantasy is located in Aida. Humanity constructed the Omnium Tower in an effort to obtain the potent energy known as Omnium from the comet Mara. The effects of this activity, however, were severe. The means of survival while exploring the world of Aida will be objects and resources. In addition, a player’s best friends in this free universe are their weapons and equipment. It is crucial that weapons and gear are improved because they individually produce a CS score that shows how powerful a player is. This article will teach you how to raise your Tower of Fantasy CS score.

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Tower of Fantasy | How To Increase CS | How To Get Stronger Guide | ToF -

In Tower of Fantasy, how to raise CS

If you are not aware of it, your combat strength in TOF is this CS factor. You must go to your Backpack in the Inventory to view your CS score. It will be visible on the bottom left, above the character profile. If you can’t locate it here, select Character and look under the EXP level.

This being a significant aspect, we can infer that the better the character, the greater the CS. In light of that, the following is how to raise CS in Tower of Fantasy:

by clicking on it, you can verify that. Participating in the Joint Operation and the Ruins on Normal or Hard mode is the greatest way to acquire better gear. These two game variants are located in the Adventure category.


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