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The most recent release from Striking Distance Studios is the horror-survival video game The Callisto Protocol. You take on the role of Jacob Lee, a prisoner from Black Iron who is imprisoned on Callisto moon. Along the road, you will encounter a number of enormous foes and monsters. To survive the prison, in addition to receiving various weapons, you also need supplies like health and ammunition. To store these supplies or resources, you have six inventory spaces. However, a few individuals are perplexed about expanding their inventory. Not to fear, you can learn how to do it in Callisto Protocol by reading our article on how to expand your inventory.

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How to Make More Room for Inventory in The Callisto Protocol

increase inventory space callisto protocol

By moving on to the Callisto Protocol’s Lost, the fifth chapter, you can expand your inventory space. It is more than halfway through th
e game because it is the fifth chapter. Sadly, this is the only inventory improvement you will get in the game. Your inventory will double to 12 slots regardless, though. Additionally, it will raise your health metre or indicator

When Elias Porter gives you the Survival Suit, your inventory will have more room. Elias has given you the ability to withstand the impending freezing weather and stockpile more supplies or resources. You could store more ammo in the Inventory thanks to this upgrade.

You must now reconsider the materials and resources in your inventory. To better manage your inventory, you can sell your unwanted things. Energy converters, printers, decoders, consumables, and ammunition are some of these useless products. It will aid in effective Inventory management in addition to helping with earning more Credits. Despite the fact that you won’t be able to expand your arsenal further, you can upgrade several weapons including the Stun Baton.

That concludes our discussion of how to expand your inventory via the Callisto Protocol. If you enjoyed this article,


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