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If you frequently use Discord, then bots can undoubtedly simplify your life. As everyone is aware, Discord enables us to install different types of bots based on our preferences, which improves channel management. The MEE6 is one of the most suggested bots, nevertheless. It contains a customization option, gives a number of free commands and features, and more. Without further ado, let’s learn how to quickly install and operate the MEE6 Bot on Discord.

How Can I Add the MEE6 Bot to Discord?

The user must first go to the MEE6 website.
Then select Add to Discord from the menu.

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How To Install & Use MEE6 Bot Discord

Then, authorise each and every necessary permission.
then decide which Server the bot should use.

The bot will then be added to your Discord after that.

You can add the MEE6 Bot to your Discord server in the same way. We’ve listed all the crucial commands in the article below for your convenience.

How Does MEE6 Bot Work? (Moderator Instructions)
This list of crucial commands will be necessary if you’ve already downloaded the MEE6 bot. The server’s moderator is highly advised to use these commands.

The command!unmute is used to unmute the muffled users. The command “tempmute” temporarily mutes all users. Use the command “clear” to remove all of the messages. infractions – Gives you a summary of the chosen user’s rules violations. Unban the member who has been banned by using this command. warn — Use this command to provide a member a warning! user-info – This command retrieves user information. server-info – The server-info command gives you details about the Discord server. To ban members, use the command ban. Temporary ban for particular users: tempban kick: This command removes users from the server. Use the mute command to silence specific members.

Place the commands in your chat box and touch the send button to use and activate them. You only need to know this to quickly install and operate the MEE6 Bot on the Discord server.


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