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You may want to quickly level up your guns in CoD Warzone 2 in order to get the best attachments for them. But playing with the gun is primarily how you unlock them. Even while that may be the case, there are still a lot of other things you may do to quicken the process. So read on to learn how to quickly level up your weapons in CoD Warzone 2.0.

How to Boost Gun Levels Quickly in CoD Warzone

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In the game’s DMZ and Battle Royale modes, you can level up your weapons.

call of duty cod warzone 2 level up guns fast

Perform DMZ mode

The DMZ mode is a simple choice if you want to level up your weaponry quickly. The presence of bots in this mode is the main cause. Despite not being the simplest bots to eliminate, That is to say, you can’t play too carelessly since they are smart enough to get rid of you. However, taking out a bot should be simpler than most humans. You thus receive 100 XP for each kill. This is a fantastic place to start when trying to level up your weapons. Now, when playing, be careful to follow these steps:

Complete Contracts: On your map, you can locate a variety of contracts that need to be finished. Choose the contract that is easiest for you to complete or the one that is closest to you. This will boost the amount of XP you gain from the match.

rob everything you can: Drop the map in as you do. Numerous items will be available for you to loot. Make careful to take all you can and the ones you need. You gain a minimal amount of XP by looting. Although this technique alone is insufficient to level up your weapon. But the total does increase.
lug about your weapon: The drawback to this strategy is that you forfeit the weapon if you pass away. It will still be functional for you.

Carry your weapon: This strategy has a drawback in that you forfeit the weapon if you pass away. It will still be available to you later, but only after a 120-minute cooldown. But you can survive if you take precautions. You will earn a significant amount of passive experience simply by carrying your weapon. Not to mention that using it in battle will get you even more experience points. Therefore, make sure to carry your weapon if you are confident in your abilities or don’t mind taking a chance.

Make sure you Exfil: Check the sites where you can Exfil by opening your map. Its icon is a figure racing toward a door in blue and white.
Get there and request the exfil helicopter.
It will display a countdown for how long it will take the helicopter to arrive at your location.
Keep yourself alive while taking out as many foes as you can.
Finally, use the helicopter as soon as it arrives and take off.

Battle Royale game

Although you can play the game’s Battle Royale mode at random, you should absolutely finish Safecracker or Secure Intel. The two contracts in the game’s Battle Royale mode that earn you the most experience points are Safecracker and Secure Intel. Additionally, make sure your gun, which you wish to level up, is with you when you are completing these contracts.

In Call of Duty Warzone 2.0, this is another way to fast level up your weapons. I would personally advise using DMZ mode for levelling up out of the two techniques. Compared to Battle Royale, the matches are much faster and you gain more constant XP. However, both techniques provide a sufficient quantity of XP for you to level up your weapons.


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