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Given the importance of owning the best and rarest pets in Clicker Simulator, it’s surprising that many players don’t know how to manufacture their own, especially the desired Golden pets. Fortunately, we’ll go over all you need to know about the process of creating Golden pets in the little guide below.

What You Should Know About Golden Pets

Before we get into the specifics of the Golden pet transformation, it’s worth noting that only Epic and Legendary creatures can become Golden—Common and Rare pets don’t have a Golden counterpart.


Obtaining Epic or Legendary pets

To create a Golden pet, you must first create three of the same type of Shiny pet, which requires at least 12 dispensable Epic or Legendary pets in total. Because Epics and Legendaries have a low chance of sprouting from a range of eggs, you can farm any egg you want, regardless of price. We’ll be farming the Frozen Arctic Egg in this guide.

It’s time to start hatching when you’ve found the egg you want to farm and chosen the pet you want to become Golden. If you’d rather not go through the tedious process of opening each egg one by one, you can buy gamepasses that allow you to open three eggs at once or auto-hatch any egg you receive. Both of these gamepasses will set you back roughly 1,000 Robux.

Making Shiny Pets

After you’ve farmed 12 of your chosen creatures, it’s time to Shiny them. Open the Pets menu by clicking the paw print symbol on the left side of your screen. Select one of the Epic pets you want to change from the Pets menu. If you have the correct amount of pets, a Shiny (4/4) button should appear. Press this button.

When you click this button, four of your Epic pets will be united into one Shiny pet. Check out the photographs below to see the difference between a regular Epic pet and a Shiny Epic pet.

Making Golden Animals

You’re ready to construct a Golden pet after following this process twice and making three Shiny Epic creatures. To do so, return to the Pet menu, find one of your three Shiny Epic pets, and click the Golden (3/3) button. Your three pets will be changed into one Golden Epic pet as a result.

People also ask

How do you get the golden pet in clicking simulator?

Making Golden Animals

To do so, return to the Pet menu, find one of your three Shiny Epic pets, and click the Golden (3/3) button. Your three pets will be changed into one Golden Epic pet as a result!

What are codes for clicking simulator?

Codes for Clicker Simulator
LIKECLICK12 – increase (new!)
tokcodeluck12 – two 2-hour luck boosts (new!
350 – two (2) two-hour luck boosts (new!)
250KLIKECLICKS equals one hour of double clicks.
Two one-hour shine boosts and auto-hatch for 225KLIKECODE.
200KLIKECODE is good for two one-hour shine enhancements.

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How do you enter codes in clicker simulator?

Start the adventure by clicking the Menu button on the left side of the screen. From the option that opens, select the Twitter icon. Fill in the text box with each working code. To claim your free gift, click the confirm button.

What are codes for Ninja clicker simulator?

Ninja Clicker Simulator gal4xy – Redeem this coupon to receive a free Galactus Pet.
HW2020 – Enter this code to receive a free pet.
POWER – Enter this code to receive the Open Egg Faster Boost.
WATER – Enter this code to receive x2 Luck.
BZZZZZ — Enter this code to receive x10 Secret Pets Chances for one hour.

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How do you make Rainbow pets in pet simulator?

Rainbow pets can also be obtained by merging 7 identical Golden Pets. A rainbow pet has five times the Coin Collection and Agility of a regular pet. In contrast to golden pets, any pet, even reskins, can turn rainbow. Rainbow pets, on the other hand, cannot be transformed golden.

How do you make a golden pet in pet Simulator 2?

To make a pet golden, you must first obtain the Golden Pets upgrade. Then you must enter The Golden Machine and distribute dogs and diamonds. If you succeed, a golden pet will be added to your collection!

How do you get golden pets in pet Simulator 2?

Golden Pets is a medium-level difficulty enhancement. It grants players access to The Golden Machine, which allows them to create golden pets. To achieve this upgrade, the player must open 20 eggs and collect a total of 90000 coins (counting spent coins).

Where is the golden machine in pet simulator?

In the Spawn world, the Golden Machine is to the right of the Bank. It lets players to upgrade normal pets to turn them golden, requiring 1 to 6 dogs and costing variable amounts of Diamonds based on the number of pets utilized.

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