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EA Games has released the free-to-play battle royale first-person shooter Apex Legends. Three teams of players compete against one another in it. Having said that, you and your coworkers must have a synchronised plan. Similar to other first-person shooter games, you can ping your colleagues about the whereabouts of foes, ammo, and weaponry. However, because this feature is not well explained, many gamers are perplexed. Therefore, this is our advice on how to ping ammunition in Apex Legends.

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Apex Legends: How to Ping Ammo

By pointing your reticle at the ammunition or weapon and pressing the default keybind, you can ping it to your friends. Select one of the messages from the ping menu to inform your teammates.

The standard keybind to ping for various systems is as follows:

PC: To access your ping menu, click the mouse wheel or scroll button.
PS4: Press R1 to ping guns and ammo.
To access the ping menu on the Xbox One, use the RB button.

You can select from a variety of various messages to send to your teammates. In addition to pinging ammunition and weaponry, you can also ask your teammates for these supplies. The positions of your adversaries can also be sent. To choose them, you only need to access your ping menu. The available callouts are listed below:


Someone has visited there.
Keeping an eye on and defending this area
heading this
assaulting this
Takings in This Area

For the callouts mentioned above, you can additionally apply particular keybinds. Take these actions:

Select the Mouse/Keyboard tab under Settings. Choose the Controller tab if you’re a console gamer.
Then, continue to the bottom until you reach the Communication settings.
Choose the ping message or callout to apply or modify the keybind that is currently in use.

People also ask

In Apex Legends, how do you ping and ping ammunition?

In Apex Legends, pinging weapons or ammunition is incredibly simple. You only need to press the R1 button on your PlayStation to draw attention to a weapon for your team. If you’re an Xbox One user, press RB. This may be done on a Windows computer by depressing the mouse wheel.

What does “pinging” in Apex Legends mean?

In Apex Legends, you must be hitting your Ping input while aiming at, or at least almost aiming at, a weapon on the ground or in a Loot Chest if you want to ping weapons. Now Available: New Products!

How can you get ammunition in Apex?

requesting ammunition in Apex Legends

Open your inventory, select the weapon for which you need ammunition, and ping it. The same applies to lootable items like medkits, attachments, and other items. It’s a pretty straightforward system that, once you get used to it, performs remarkably effectively.

How do I use my laptop to ping Apex?

Simply glance down at a weapon or ammo in Apex Legends and hit R1 on a PS4, RB on an Xbox One, or click down on the mouse wheel on a PC to ping it.

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