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You must succeed in a vehicle-chase mission in Modern Warfare 2 to obtain the Keeping This Achievement trophy. The plan is to remain inside the kidnapped car, stop the enemy patrol, and then head back to Captain Price. A few errors could make it extremely difficult to complete this quest. To gain the achievement, read this walkthrough for completing MW2 Mission 10: Violence and Timing.

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How Can I Maintain This One Success?

Violence and Timing in Mission You will need to disembark from a helicopter and board a moving truck. Next, fire at the opponent who is leaning out of the pickup truck to your right. Drive the pickup truck as soon as you are on board. The following goal is to kill enemies in a moving truck in front of you.

Take the AK out of the truck’s rear; it makes a good long-range weapon.
Maintain a safe distance when approaching foes.
Shoot while aiming downward using the scope. You must keep up your speed while driving.
Search for red cans, shoot one of them, and it will explode, killing numerous foes.
When you have eliminated all of the truck’s adversaries, only pass.

Avoid blowing up vehicles; it will slow you down.
If you are unable to aim at the moving vehicle, try spraying on adversaries.
For the next two to three minutes, the pursuit will continue. A roadblock will then need to be overcome. Three vehicles will be positioned in the middle of the street, and there will be adversaries there on foot. Shoot the red cans on the vehicle in the centre to clear the way. Shoot the enemies inside the truck on the right after navigating the barrier. You will need to travel cautiously to avoid colliding with cars that are on fire.

This mission’s final phase becomes more challenging. Along with attackers in trucks, you will have to cope with cars that explode. Drive on the right end of the road to avoid colliding head-on with another car. Take out enemies on a couple more trucks using this, then continue driving. In his truck, Captain Price will drive up behind you and climb on it by leaning over onto the roof.

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