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Want to play MultiVersus ranked matches? You are not alone, though; many people have been anticipating Open Beta since its release. Others have even gone on to perfect their primary combatant. The only thing left to do is display your rank while showcasing your abilities. Therefore, let’s look at how to play MultiVersus’ ranked mode and unlock it in this guide.

Play MultiVersus in ranked mode.

After Season 1 is released, you can play MultiVersus’ Ranked mode. At the time this article was written, the game was still in open beta, and season 1 had not yet begun. As a result, even if the Ranked option is visible, it is disabled and greyed out. In other words, you can’t play ranked matches just yet.

But while season 1 is starting, you can practice with your favourite characters online. Speaking about season 1, it is anticipated to launch on August 9th, 2022, so there aren’t too many days left till you can begin playing the ranked mode.


Additionally, a battle pass ought to be available after the first season begins. Additionally, the ranks system for the game has not yet been made public. For instance, what will be the highest rank in the game, how many layers there will be in each rank, and so on.

Activating Ranked Mode

At the beginning of season 1, the Ranked mode should automatically unlock; no additional chores should be required. By selecting the Ranked sub-tab from the Online menu, you may get to it. However, it can take a few games for you to unlock your true rank. Your ranking will aid the game in locating players with comparable skill levels.

That concludes this tutorial on how to activate and play MultiVersus’ Ranked mode.

People also ask

How are ranked matches unlocked?

Playing video games in general and arcades can help with this (also see ranked vs unranked matches in Dota 2). You must also play 10 calibration matches in order to compete in the ranking games.


What rank is unlocked at what level?

How can I get League of Legends ranked? League of Legends has requirements you must meet in order to participate in ranked play. You must first be a player level 30 or higher. Second, you must possess 20 champions or more.

How many games must you complete before you can access ranked?

Like most competitive games out there, Valorant’s ranking system functions. You must play five placement matches to establish your starting rank and skill level after ranked mode is unlocked at account level 20.

In MultiVersus ranked?

Unfortunately, MultiVersus does not yet have a ranked mode.

On Free Fire, how do you access ranked games?

Take these actions:
Step 1: Launch Free Fire and select the “mode change” option located in the top-right corner of the game’s main screen.
Step 2: A menu with a list of several modes opens; select “Ranked Game.”
Step 3: When you’re ready to start, press the start button.

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