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This is the first Pokemon RPG game to feature a sizable open-world area. Take the Path of Legends and meander across Paldea, defeating the Titans. On the other hand, moving about the map on foot can be a pain. Thankfully, you can save some time by riding the Miraidon or Koraidon Mount Pokemons. Unless it is trained to do so, the mount might not be able to cross all types of terrain. As a result, a player needs to acquire some mount skills. In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, one such mount ability that lets users move on water is Surf. If you want to develop this skill, then this essay is for you covered. Check out this tutorial for the unlocking instructions.

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Surf in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How to Unlock

In this game, you must battle the Open Sky Titan in order to obtain the Surf skill. One of the five Titans in the game, this beast is found in the sky, far above the earth’s surface. In West Province, this critter can be found anywhere between the Cortondo and Cascarrafa (Area One). The location is closer to the WPA1 Central PokeCentre specifically. While obtaining the Surf in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, finding the Open Sky Titan only does half the work.

where to find dusk stone in pokemon scarlet violet

You will be informed once you arrive at the proper location as you move closer near Bombirdier, the Open Sky Titan. As you climb the mountain, be careful to dodge the boulders. This beast is simple to beat, and once it is, your horse in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will have the Surf ability.

dusk stone in cascarrafa west province area one

Porto Marinada auction house: This is a somewhat unreliable strategy. For this technique to work, you must earn some gym badges and at the very least, defeat Bombardier the Open Sky Titan. Visit the Porto Marinada Auction House to see what is being offered for bidding. Place your bid for any Dusk Stones that are up for auction. The Dusk Stone will be yours if your bid is the highest.

That concludes this overview of the locations where the Dusk Stone can be found in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Get yourself a Gengar if you wasted your Dusk stone and are still looking for a good Ghost Pokemon. And if you require assistance with anything but stones

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