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Roblox allows you to customize your in-game avatar with numerous hairs. Users can now have a lot more distinctive haircut. The goal of Roblox has always been to stand out from the crowd. The bright attire and outfits that player avatars are generally dressed in demonstrate this. So, why not try something even more unusual and combine two hairstyles? Find out how by scrolling down!

 Roblox Avatar with Multiple Hairs

Log in to your official Roblox account at
Now, look to the left and select the Avatar option from the drop-down menu.
Now go to the Hair option by clicking on the Body icon.
Choose the hairdo you wish to use as your foundation.
To add the second hair, right-click it and select the ‘Copy Link Address’ option from the menu that appears.

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You’ll see a ‘Advanced’ option towards the bottom of the page. In Roblox, this will allow you to put on many hairs.
When you click this, a checklist will popup.
There is an Asset ID textbox in this section.
Copy the link and paste it here, then hit the Save button at the bottom.
There will be another pop-up notification. On this page, click the Save button.
You’ll see that your Avatar now has a variety of hairstyles.
The number of items you can add to your Avatar depends on how many Asset ID slots are available.

Only the official webpage will work with this method. You might not be able to see these options if you’re using the Roblox app.


On Roblox, how do you layer your hair?

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Roblox is customizing your avatar. Indeed, it is so common that the entire economy of the game is based on it.

Even yet, if you’re someone who likes to change up their look frequently, buying Robux could rapidly become prohibitively pricey. There is a technique for mixing two hair pieces to create your own unique style if you’re only trying to change your hairdo.



Roblox is a game that encourages players to be creative. Nothing says “ingenuity” quite like a one-of-a-kind look. For those who are unfamiliar with Roblox, there are several ways to personalize your character.

You can change your appearance by altering your clothing, eyes, hair, colour, and mouth, among other features. What’s even better is that you can have many hairstyles on at the same time. It’s incredibly easy to do, and while most people don’t think it’s supposed to be in the game, it is.

You must have access to at least two different hair cosmetics in Roblox to wear two different hair cosmetics at the same time. If you have more than one hair piece, you can use the advanced settings options in the Avatar menu to equip two hairs.

How to Wear Two Hairs in Roblox at the Same Time

In Roblox, you’ll need at least two different hair cosmetics to wear two different hairstyles at the same time. You can equip two hairs via the Avatar menu’s advanced settings options if you have more than one hair piece.

When you first sign up with Roblox, you’ll be given six different hairstyles to choose from. Six more avatars are available for free in the Avatar Shop, increasing the total number of avatars to 12.

Visit the Avatar option on the Roblox website to change your hairstyle. The drop-down menu in the upper left allows you to access it. Select the Hair option after hovering over the Clothing tab.

At first glance, it appears like you can only have one hair item equipped at a time, because selecting a new one de-equips the old one. Navigate to the Advanced setting, which is found at the bottom right of the numerous hair selections, to equip a second hair piece.

After that, a menu will open, inviting you to enter an item’s Asset ID. While multiple entries are permitted, no more than two hairs can be equipped at the same time.

How to Wear Multiple Hair on Roblox 2022 Mobile/Tablet/Android - YouTube


What Is the Hair Customization Method in Roblox?

Customization is influenced by the surrounding environment. In the Roblox game, there are many levels where you can experiment with different hairstyles. The Blender application is preferred by the majority of PC gamers.

On the other hand, the technique for designing Hair on a mobile device is slightly different and more difficult to change than it is on a PC.

On mobile devices, users are unable to design their own hairstyles; nevertheless, they can equip their Avatar with a selection of hairstyles in the game.

It’s a great way to customize your Roblox avatar by equipping multiple hairstyles at once. It also includes a slew of new styles, totaling 79, in addition to the existing defaults. You can complete all of them without spending a single Robux.

How to Wear Two Hairs at Once in Roblox

What Roblox hair is the most expensive?

The Big Crazy Blue Hair, which costs 1,000 Robux, is the most costly non-limited hairdo in Roblox.

When it comes to limited edition things, though, the situation is a little different. Other players sell these products for a variety of rates. Due to their scarcity, some things are not available in the store and must be acquired from other players. As a result, their pricing is determined by the sellers’ wishes and the buyers’ willingness to pay.

The most expensive hairstyle in the Roblox limited edition is Vengeful Geisha, which costs ten million Robux ($125,000). The hair has already sold for somewhere between 179,999 and 100,000 Robux. It costs 45,245 Robux on average.

Another high-priced Roblox haircut, the Rainbow Shaggy, is now available for $7,142,857 ($89,000) Robux, with an average price of 1,586,904 Robux.

Roblox: How to Wear More Than One Hair


To be clear, Roblox Premium is required for players who intend to trade in the game. Roblox Premium also provides players with a monthly supply of Robux. Roblox Premium is divided into three levels

  • 450 Robux for $4.99 each month
  • A monthly cost of $9.99 entitles you to 1000 Robux.
  • $19.99 – 2200 Robux each month

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