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One of God of War Ragnarok’s most challenging favours is Nine Realms In Bloom. You must collect 9 flowers that are dispersed over 9 Realms in order to complete this favour. This means that in order to unlock the Florist Trophy, you must continue reading the story and gathering flowers. You can continue collecting flowers as you advance through the main plot by carrying our GOW Ragnarok Flower Location guide with you.

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Where to Find Flowers in the Nine Realms in Bloom Walkthrough
a key to Nine Realms You will need to complete Chapter 10: Forging Destiny to win Bloom’s favour. Collecting the first flower, which is in a village area, will enable the favour. There are still 8 more to go after this. You might need a spear in some spots to swing across to the opposite side.

1. Sparkthorn Nidavellir location

To locate a settlement in the Nidavellir region, follow the directions on the map. Find a house that has a rotating wheel on the right side. Swing to the right end of the house after throwing the spear at the column. The first is on the ground to a house’s right, on the left. To start Nine Realms In Bloom, gather the followers.

 Ragnarok Flower Location 1

Location: The Forbidden Sands 2. Dawnbloom

Search for a section of blue sand as in the image above to find the second one in the Forbidden Sands. You must find the location with the wooden building at its entrance. Simply stay on the path and you will find the second flower; do not climb anything.

Ragnarok Flower Location 2

Location: The Crucible 3. Ashpetal

You can fast travel to the Crucible region to get to the third one, but it costs two Muspelheim Seeds. For assistance, consult our guides on where to find Muspelhiem Seeds in GOW Ragnarok and their locations. Find a circular stone building on the side of the magical portal opposite it. On the right

Ragnarok Flower Location 3

Soulblossom 4. Address: Hel’s Perch (Helheim)

For the fourth, you must travel to Helheim and enter through the mystic gateway at Hel’s Perch, which is the location closest to the Soulblossm flower. Use the portal, then take the first left and ascend. Once more, take the first left turn and jump from the first right opening. You will touch down in a big, icy open area.

You will then need to ascend, but first take a short detour and toss a spear so you may swing to the opposite side. Climb up, then turn right to reach the fourth flower, which is close to a fallen soldier.

Ragnarok Flower Location 4

Location: The Sinkholes 5. Starblush (The Crater – Vanaheim)

You’ll need to go to Vanaheim and the Crater region for the fifth one. Dock the boat exactly where it is indicated in the screenshot above. You will eventually arrive at a staircase. Turn right and proceed straight ahead to the fire lamp. Returning to the lamp, turn around and proceed to the end. Turn left to get to the flower.

Ragnarok Flower Location 5


Ironbell 6. The place is Angrboda’s Treehouse (Jotunheim)

Use the magical gateway in Angrboda’s Treehouse to enter the cave first. The sixth bloom can be found if you continue to follow the path on the right.

Ragnarok Flower Location 6

Location: Sanctuary Grove 7. Milkweed (Midgard)

Use the Sanctuary Grove mysterious gateway, then turn left and continue walking until you reach the tortoise. The flower is not far from the creature’s head if you turn right.

Ragnarok Flower Location 7

Frostfinger 8. Where: Mist Field (Niflheim)

Turn around using the mystic gateway in the Mist Field Grove. The eighth flower can be found if you keep an eye out for swords and move a little forward.

Ragnarok Flower Location 8

9 Dreamshade Location: Wreckage of Aesir Prison

The last bloom is located nearby as well. But to get there, you’ll have to shoot a few spears and swing to the other side of the prison. Follow the position on the map, then keep an eye out for a huge white frosty tree. We’ll use this as a signpost, so stay away from the tree. Take a look to the left of the tree for a stony, broken route. You will need to jump over the rocks, follow this trail until the end, and then climb down.

Ragnarok Flower Location 9

Take the first right after seeing the enormous, demolished prison area, then aim your spear at one of the redwood buildings there. Return and swing to the opposite side, then raise the left chain to nudge this construction downward a bit. Use the spear once more to descend to the prison’s lowest level. You’ll need to swing one more after one final repetition, then raise the chain. Look for the flower in the prison’s right-end corner on the third lowest floor.

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