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One of the various gloves you can purchase for yourself in Slap wars is Tycoon. Tossing players off the islands and slapping them around is the aim of the game. It is a never-ending cycle of smacking your opponents to death or being killed yourself. Additionally, the game provides you with a variety of gloves to make the job interesting. Check out this article to learn how to acquire the Tycoon glove in Slap Battles and obtain the Plate

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Tips for Obtaining the Tycoon Glove in Slap Battles

After earning the Plate Master badge, you can use the Tycoon Glove in Slap Battles. Obtaining this badge is by no means simple. The two major challenges in this area are the plate’s rare spawn. Even if you are fortunate enough to get the plate to spawn, the second challenge is far more difficult. You must be able to maintain contact with the plate for a continuous 600 seconds. So, regrettably, your progress is lost. Additionally, you must restart if you get smacked off the plate. Here are a few pointers for earning the plate Badge.

Purchase the T H I C K or Reverse glove.
Reverse Glove: When this glove’s ability is active, anyone who attempts to attack you will be slain instead.

slap battles unlock plate master badge and get tycoon glove

T H I C K Glove: Using this glove is difficult. You need to slap at least 20–30 individuals in order to reap the greatest benefits from it. The glove’s size increases with each slap, enabling you to slap targets from a fair distance. You can use it to defend yourself from anyone attempting to knock you off the plate once it has reached a good size.

Visit the outskirt islands.

Await the spawning and passage of the Plate by your island.
Step up to the plate.
Make sure you survive for 10 minutes, or 600 seconds.
After surviving the period of time, you will receive the Tycoon

Tycoon Hand Skills

The dropper that this glove creates is a frequent item in most Roblox tycoon games. The green button on the Tycoon can be used to obtain currencies for upgrades. The self-destruct button behind it can be clicked by both you and any other player to cause it to explode.

That concludes our advice on how to unlock the plate master badge in Slap Battles and obtain the Tycoon glove.


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