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Recently, there has been a lot of materials released for Sonic Frontiers, including leaks as well as teaser trailers showcasing fresh material. It’s been wonderful to learn more about Sonic’s most recent journey, and as more information continues to surface, players now know more about what to anticipate from Sonic Frontiers. According to the most recent leak, a player can use Sonic’s super speed to quickly sketch a certain form on the battlefield.

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While they hadn’t yet completed their exploration of the map, the leaker had Sonic draw a mushroom form on it. The form is reminiscent to the Pokémon Amoonguss, which has a flat mushroom-like appearance. Although it is not a perfect representation of an amoonguss, the outline nonetheless makes it clear that it is a mushroom.

What does the form in Sonic Frontiers look like?

Sonic has been drawn to begin at the top of the shape and to make alterations as they race to the bottom. Although the stem is bigger than a typical mushroom, the cap is reasonably accurate.

The purpose of the shape’s creation and its intended meaning are not totally apparent. However, it is a useful approach to demonstrate to players Sonic’s ability to run precisely in Sonic Frontiers as well as the typical length of Sonic’s journey path.

Since Sonic Frontiers is more of a 3D action game than an open world game, it’s unlikely that players will have many opportunities to sketch on their own. While executing a variety of fantastic actions over a range of obstacles, you still need to get from one place to another. However, there is possibility for artistic expression if players make an effort to deliberately produce visuals within the game.


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