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Hotta Studio’s Tower of Fantasy, also known as TOF, is an open-world MMORPG with a sci-fi theme. You can play this anime-based game here while following the plot or just adventuring around the vast globe. You’ll need to gather supplies while on your adventures. One of the items that you need in large quantities to help your character in the world of Aida is food. Fatty Cuts are one such food item that you’ll need to construct high-level food dishes. I’ll explain Where to Find Fatty Cuts in Tower of Fantasy in this guide.

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Where in the Tower of Fantasy Can I Find Fatty Cuts?

Fatty Cuts, as the name implies, are gained by killing creatures in Tower of Fantasy. Cuts are related to being an animal product. The flesh is fattier the less the animal walked, according to the Fatty Cuts description. This suggests that the organisms that cause fatty cuts are either extremely large or immobile. To obtain Fatty Cuts, you must kill Bears, Ceparats, or Honey Badgers. DO keep in mind that getting this item will take time because it is an uncommon drop.

find fatty cuts tower of fantasy

You can search in a few places to find Fatty Cuts. The Crown Region has the most of them. You can find this item in Fiendish Swamp, southeast of Forgotten Land, and one area in Banges at the northern Tip above Loen Dock, to be more precise. Visit these locations and defeat the local Creatures. Once you have a Fatty Cut in your possession, you can cook it to create Braised Meat, which regenerates 20 satiety, increases Frost Resistance by 15%, and confers Frost Resistance 675 for 1,200 seconds.

All of this has to do with the location of Fatty Cuts in the Tower of Fantasy. This advice has hopefully been useful to you. Check out our other guides if you want.

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