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A wide array of recently released animals can be found in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Many fans do, however, also come across some of the most beloved characters from the Pokemon franchise. One of them is Stunky, who resembles a skunk in look. You cannot find the creature if you are a trainer of Pokemon Violet because it is exclusively exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet. Therefore, if you’re having trouble obtaining Stunky in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, you’ve come to the perfect location. You will be shown step-by-step instructions in our guide.

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Find Stunky in Pokemon SV

Stunky in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How to catch him

Skuntank, the only evolution of Stunky, is only found in Paldea and has a lower spawn frequency. On the other hand, stinky is a common spawn, so there’s a chance you’ve previously encountered it. However, we will list some specific areas in Pokemon SV below in case you haven’t:

Although Stunky can also be found in the West Province, it is more frequently found in South Province Area Five. In general, Stunky is rather common in Paldea, but you’d be best off looking in these two locations. Additionally, there is no set timing for Stunky to spawn in Pokemon SV. Any moment, day or night, you can locate it.

Along with skills like Stench, Aftermath, and Keen Eye, Stunky also has a secret ability called Stench. As soon as you have trained it to Level 34, it can also evolve into Skuntank. The Skuntank is exclusively available to Pokemon Scarlet trainers, just like its parent form.

Everything about Stunky’s location in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has been covered. We hoped that these hints made it easier for you to locate Stunky in the game.


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