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You may find a lot of materials in Paldea in the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. These tools can benefit your Pokemon in a number of ways, including by increasing their stats and teaching them new skills. Trainers with experience are aware of the value and scarcity of Bottle Caps in these games. This resource, however, is not just used for raids and exploration in these new games. Given that, we’ll explain where to find Bottle Caps in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in this article.

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Bottle Cap Locations in Pokemon Scarlet

Buy Bottle Caps at Delibird Shop in Pokemon SV

You must battle four- or five-star Tera Raids spread out across Paldea’s regions in order to obtain Bottle Caps. However, as we already explained, there is another way to obtain this resource. The Delibird Presents Shop is the greatest place to purchase Bottle Caps in this game. However, you must first unlock them. You must defeat six Gym Leaders to obtain their Badges in order to do this. Later, you can purchase them for 20,000 Poke Dollars or LP by going to any Delibird Presents Shop. If you’re a brand-new trainer, you may be questioning why you should spend so much Pokemon money on insignificant Bottle Caps. However, these Caps are vital to increase the individual values (IVs) of your Pokemon. In this article, you’ll learn more about IVs and how to check them. However, to put it simply, they are the stats of your Pokemon, which have a significant impact on battle outcomes.

Uses for Bottle Caps

The IVs of your Pokemon can be raised by hyper training. You must give bottle caps to an NPC in order to do this. This NPC and his Abomasnow can be found in Montenevera, hidden behind a Poke Center. This NPC will explain how to use Hyper Training if you speak to him.

That is all we have to say about Bottle Cap locations in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


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