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Pinnacle of Fantasy is an experience open-world MMORPG game like Genshin Impact with a large number of dynamic players. There are numerous collectible things in the game that can be utilized to reclaim explicit rewards or recover wellbeing. Potatoes, Caviars, Strawberries, and Brown Rice are a portion of these collectibles used to recover wellbeing and satiety. Hazelnuts are one such thing that can be utilized to recover satiety and wellbeing. In any case, finding it requires a touch of investigation of this game’s tremendous open-world guide. In the event that you are worn out on looking for Hazelnuts, this article could help you. Here is our aide that highlights places where you can get a few Hazelnuts in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy: Where to Get Hazelnuts | The Nerd Stash

Where to Get Hazelnuts in Tower of Fantasy (Locations)

It is feasible to make different dishes in the game by gathering fixings and cooking them in a cooking station. Presently Hazelnuts can be eaten crude to recover your wellbeing. Be that as it may, eating them subsequent to cooking gets you a few extra advantages.

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The Hazelnuts are dispersed across the guide of Aesperia.
They can be found around the Navia Omnium Tower in overflow. In particular, towards the southern side of the pinnacle.
Additionally, they are found in the space encompassing the Raincaller Island.
Besides, the Seventh Fay Forest which is situated in a piece focal point of the guide conceals a portion of the Hazelnuts close to the water bodies.

How to manage Hazelnuts (Uses)

Cooking dishes requires recipes in this game. Some of them are as of now opened, while most of them should be opened by finishing missions. Hazelnut is one of the fixings to make Nut Tea. 1x Hazelnut, 2x Pinecone, and 2x Honey by and large make a Nut Tea. It recovers Satiety by 20 and reestablishes the person’s wellbeing by 60,000 and an extra 20%.

That is all that you ought to realize about the Hazelnuts in Tower of Fantasy. In the event that you found this article supportive, try to look at our other aide


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