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The newest MMORPG capturing the interest of the gaming world is Tower of Fantasy. Humanity constructed the Omnium Tower in an effort to obtain the potent energy known as Omnium from the comet Mara. The effects of this activity, however, were severe. Despite enjoying the game, gamers are apparently having difficulty changing their username. Failed to change username in Tower of Fantasy while attempting this, it says. Not being able to change to the username you desire sounds frustrating. This article will explain the situation you’re in as well as how to modify your TOF username.

Why Does Tower of Fantasy Say That I Failed to Change My Username?

You may encounter “failed to Change Username” in Tower of Fantasy for one of three reasons:

In TOF, the username you’re attempting to change to is already in use.
Depending on the game’s policy, your chosen username can be ruled improper.
And finally, you might not have enough Dark Crystals to change your username.

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Tower Of Fantasy: Why Do I Get 'Failed To Change Username'?

How to Modify Your TOF Username

You must buy an Identity Update Card before changing your TOF username. What you must do is as follows:

Go to the Shop by selecting it from the main menu page.
While in the Shop, go to the Hot tab and look for the Identity Update Card.
Use it when you’ve paid 300 Dark Crystals for it.
In Tower of Fantasy, you will be prompted to create a new login; after you do, the game will automatically switch.
While doing that, be sure to meet the aforementioned requirements; otherwise, it will continue to fail.

That is all there is to know about Why does Tower of Fantasy say “failed to change username”?

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