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Depending on the players ability and fighting style they are often classified into some character class archetypes have you ever wondered if you were a fantasy which class would best suit you will you fall into the magician class or is it the ranger class that goes with your personality take this quiz from buzzmoy and find out which fantasy battle class will you be in question number one first off which battle style would you prefer ranged battle close combat spell fight stealth attack .

Here are the points make sure to keep track of them

-Whats your absolute favourite genre of movie to watch

-Horror action romance comedy

-Complete the sentence in battle at the center at a high ground near the back lines all over the place

-Which household chore do you enjoy the least washing dishes doing laundry vacuum cleaning . Cleaning the toilet

-Who of these is your favourite actor jackie chan angelina jolie bruce lee chuck norris .

-What type of house would you like to stay in a cabin in the woods a large mansion a condo in the city a country ranch

-How do you prefer to get exercise manual labor swimming long hikes hikes going to gym

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Time to find out the final result

-7 to 11 you’ve got the fighter class the member of this class is also known as warrior, knight or soldier. This is one of the most basic classes and the fighter usually puts emphasis on strength and physical combat as a member of this class you excel at fighting enemies in close range combat but typically lack range  attack options . you’re never afraid to put yourself at risk staying at the front  and taking the first blow.

12 to 17 points you’ve got the magician .Users of the class are also  known as mage , eizard sorcerer warlock etc. But whateverthe name is this class primarily uses magic powers .Due to wide varieties of  functional magic . This class has different of magicians .

-As a proud member of this class, you are versatile and excel at solving any problems. . Soul elements are your biggest sources of power

-18 to 23 points you’ve got the  rogue class . other names of the member of this class are thief assassin ninja bandit etc

Fantasy Battle Class Will You be In
Fantasy Battle Class Will You be In

-This is a diverse class that contains everythings from dexterous thieves to treasure hunters to assassins as a member of this unique class you are the master of stealth and infiltration you prefer to land sudden attacks .You are quick but fragile and reply on your incredible agility to dodge heavy attacks

24 to 28 points you’ve got the ranger class . Member of this class are also known as hunter, archer or sniper . Rangers are woodsmen, skilled at surviving in the wild. As a member of this class ,archers is generally your favourite skill. You are also skilled in some form of wilderness or nature magic, which helps you to blend- in with nature and gain power from her . You learnt melee combat as a backup for close fight as well.

so how was the test you can  leave us a like the comment section is all yours let know what you got by commenting below

Fantasy Battle Class Will You be In
Fantasy Battle Class Will You be In

People also ask

Which RPG classes are available?
The Primary RPG Classes
Fighting Class.
a class of rogues.
The Class of Magicians.
The class of Rangers.
The Class of Clerics.
Rare Class of Character.

What does a fantasy class entail?

A character’s class determines their accessible pool of skills, statistical knowledge, and maybe even their place of birth, level of schooling, and residence. A player may occasionally begin as a more generic class (such as “my character is a wizard”) before specializing into a more specialized class (“my character is a fire wizard”).

What in fantasy is a cleric?

A priest or other member of a religious order is known as a cleric. In fantasy role-playing games, it serves as a character class as well.

What does a fantasy Ranger do?

In the majority of Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game editions, the Ranger is one of the regular playable character classes. Hunters and expert woodsmen, rangers frequently maintained solitary lives as hermits. Ranger.

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