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One of the key goals in Lost Ark, other from killing monsters and discovering new worlds, is to acquire resources. This is where Lost Ark’s Trade Skills come in, allowing you to choose one of six professions that will reward you with various commodities. All of which are necessary for your progress in the game. Excavation is one of these Trade Skills.

Today we’ll look at some of the top excavation spots in Lost Ark for farming materials.

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Best Farm Excavation Locations in the Lost Ark

Excavation (or Archaeology) is a lucrative and highly sought-after trade in Lost Ark. You will be entrusted with exploring different parts of the map in search of ancient relics and precious commodities. However, not every section of the map will offer you the same level or quality of resources.

So, here are some of the top excavation places in Lost Ark for farming key resources.

Arid Path Tier 1 – Arthetine

If you’re still on Tier 1, the best place to dig is easily Arid Path in Arthetine. You may locate a lot of Uncommon and even Rare relics here without having to compete with other players for them. Because the area is usually deserted. Not only that, but there are numerous spawn points, allowing for hours of digging.

Lost Ark
Lost Ark

Tier 2 consists of Azure Wind Island and Feiton.

These are the two finest excavation areas in Lost Ark if you’re in Tier 2 and have unlocked either Azure Wind Island or Feiton. On Azure Wind Island, there are numerous excavation sites scattered over the island and few adversaries to contend with. You can find some quite valuable materials on Feiton. Specifically, at the Shady Cliff portion of the map, at Monsatery Plaza.

Lost Ark
Lost Ark

Punika Tier 3: Tikatika Colony & Secret Forest

If you’re looking for Tier 3 materials and have attained item level 1100, you should dig in Punika. The Tikatika Colony and the Secret Forest are two Punika locations known for their abundance of treasures and unique artefacts. It’s crucial to remember that the Secret Forest is a popular excavation site. So you might have a better chance in Tikatika Colony.

Lost Ark
Lost Ark

That brings us to the end of our list of the greatest excavation spots in Lost Ark for farming materials. If you found this material useful, don’t forget to visit our guides area for more in-depth analyses of other popular video games.

People also ask

Is it possible to marry in Raiders of the Lost Ark?

It doesn’t have a marriage system like Final Fantasy XIV or even Skyrim’s. There is a Rapport system where you can form ties with specific NPCs, but it’s probably not what you’re looking for. As Hmm Minuto mentioned, Lost Ark is sorely weak in social and RP features.

Is it worthwhile to excavate the Lost Ark?

Excavating is one of the six Trade Skills available in Lost Ark. It is undoubtedly the most beneficial and profitable.

Can you play a female paladin in Raiders of the Lost Ark?

Classes for Lost Ark Martial Artists by Gender

If you want to pummelled demons into the ground in Lost Ark, you can play as either a male or female character.

What does the term “tripod” mean in Raiders of the Lost Ark?

Tripods are the skill upgrade system in Lost Ark. These allow you to change your skills as you see fit, improving their performance in a variety of ways. They can increase Damage, decrease Critical Chance, increase Attack or Cast Speed, decrease Mana costs, add Debuffs, and many other things.


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