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Do you enjoy match-three puzzle games? Do you enjoy playing farm management games? If so, Farm Heroes Saga might be right up your alley! It’s a fun match-three game in which you must stop Rancid the Raccoon from robbing your farm. Of course, you’ll need to assist the Farm Heroes, which you can summon by collecting cropsies! It’s not a difficult game to play, but the stages can be difficult, especially with Rancid the Raccoon always trying to sabotage your farm.

You can collect animals, hatch chickens, collect crops, harvest them, and do other things in Farm Heroes Saga. It’s not your average match-three game because it has so many more intriguing levels and experiences to offer. So, if you’re a rookie who wishes to play Farm Heroes Saga, read on to hone your gameplay abilities and become a master at this game!

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 Farm Heroes Saga
Farm Heroes Saga

Follow These Exciting Farm Heroes Saga Tips & Tricks

Check out some helpful hints and tricks for playing well in the game.

A Candy Crush Adventure
If you enjoy Candy Crush Saga, you will enjoy Farm Heroes Saga as well because they are created and developed by the same people! Ideally, you should match rows of four or five in “L” or “T” configurations. These will earn you more points more quickly than matching three puzzles. The finest move of all is to look for rows of five because it will help you empty your board more faster.

Turn on Hero Mode.

When you finish a level with a lot of moves left, the Hero Mode will be activated. It will spit forth a lot of multipliers, which you can swipe to obtain the most points. So, if you only have a few moves left, save the greater multipliers for the end of the game, as they will almost certainly grow larger. Just make sure you don’t leave them in a situation where you’ll be forced to cash them in.

 Farm Heroes Saga
Farm Heroes Saga

Don’t waste your beans on rancid beans.

There will be levels when Rancid is present to sabotage you, and the majority of these levels aren’t that difficult to complete. So, if the game proposes using a bean to defeat Rancid, don’t bother because there are many more useful methods to utilize them, such as purchasing boosters, such as shovels to move hard crops.

Understand and Utilize Multipliers and Beans

Your score will be determined by the number of crops you collect. It will be multiplied by multipliers. In other words, if you acquire five crops, the multiplier will add whatever multiplier is visible on top of each harvest. You can swiftly reach your objectives with the help of multipliers, so take advantage of them while they’re still available.

Meanwhile, Beans are the game’s currency, and they correspond to your ultimate score. So if you get 150 crops, you get 150 beans, which you may later spend to buy boosters.

Remove the Flowers

There will be levels with flowers in your path. You can start by addressing the issues. Remove the flowers in the center of the board that are preventing you from forming matches.

Never spend gold on additional moves.

You will be offered more moves at times. However, the game will occasionally prompt you to purchase moves with gold. One thing you should never do is squander gold. It is preferable to replay the level rather than waste gold on a few extra moves.

 Farm Heroes Saga
Farm Heroes Saga

Sort Those Eggs

When you get to the point where you can hatch eggs, don’t let them accumulate on your board. Otherwise, you’ll spend more moves trying to get rid of them than than collecting crops. Because hatching eggs are more difficult to obtain than crops, it is preferable to match eggs first before crops. Most of the time, while trying to match the eggs, you will naturally get to harvest crops.

Continue to the Bottom

It is no secret that matching objects at the bottom increases your chances of creating a cascading effect towards the top. It’s best to look for matches at the bottom of the board until you locate a great crop to match in the middle or at the top.

Gold is used to open the gates.

The only time you should use gold is when unlocking gates. Use it to purchase extra moves or boosters, as these will replenish on their own. If you don’t want to spend actual money on gold, one of the best options is to open the gates. To stay on track, use your gold to unlock the gates.

A Method for Obtaining Lives

If you want to gain additional lives without asking your Facebook friends but don’t want to wait a long time for them to replenish, there’s a simple method you can do. Simply follow these steps

Go to Settings, date and time, and then set it to a couple hours ahead. Then, launch Farm Heroes Saga and see if your lives have been renewed. Then, return to your Settings to change the time back. There can be moments when you will notice a negative or whether the lives are still being depleted. Just keep modifying the timing in these situations.

Whether you use cheats or not, these tips and hints will undoubtedly help you advance in your Farm Heroes Saga games. Follow them carefully for the greatest gameplay experience!

People also ask

On Farm Hero Saga, how can you acquire free gold bars?

We do not currently have any resources to acquire Gold Bars in the game. You can purchase them from the Shop or the Piggy Bank; in this Community, we hold weekly contests and award Boosters, Magic Beans, and Gold Bars.

In Farm Heroes Saga, how can you acquire free boosters?

Boosters can be earned through challenges and events or purchased with Gold Bars from your bank. You may even utilize Magic Beans as Shovel Boosters! Select Boosters on the pre-game screen before each stage to activate them.

How can you gain an infinite number of lives in Farm Heroes Saga?

To accomplish this, go to Settings and change the date, then switch to Farm Heroes Saga to ensure the roadblock has been removed, then switch back and change the date to the correct day to avoid missing any alarms or appointments. To gain more lives, change the date. This is the same procedure for gaining more lives.

What does +1 in Farm Saga mean?

Crop Bonuses (+1’s) in Farm Heroes Saga

The value of nearby crops increases as you match next to a square containing a crop you require. This is indicated with a “+1” or other number placed on top of the crop’s square. The numbers, however, will decrease with each match.

In Farm Heroes Saga, how do you breach the Piggy Bank?

Continue to gather stars in order to fill the Piggy Bank with Gold Bars even more. You will eventually be able to access the Piggy Bank. To breach it, you must pay to obtain the Gold Bars. You can choose whether to buy the unlock or keep filling it with Gold Bars until you are ready to accomplish it.

In Farm Heroes Saga, what do you do with the magical beans?

Green Magic beans are not utilized to purchase gold bars in the Farm Heroes Saga game. You must spend money to purchase gold bars. At each level, the magic beans are used to “purchase” partners.

How can you get to Farm Heroes level 500?

Farm Heroes Saga level (image result) To complete this level, you must defeat Rancid in 17 moves or less by collecting Cropsies (, and). If you have any remaining movements at this level, each move is worth 6,000 points (6 percent growth).

 Farm Heroes Saga
Farm Heroes Saga


What exactly is the +1 increase in Farm Heroes?

It adds a +1 to all elements required in the level you’re playing. Level 12 unlocks this feature. The Bonus Reward booster costs 16 gold bars (for 3) and has an 18-hour regeneration time. It is beneficial to take before a harvesting booster.

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