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Square Enix just unveiled two alluring new goods on their Mogstation Final Fantasy XIV Online Store, just when you thought your wallet was secure. At one in the morning Pacific Time (PT), the Megashiba mount and Street Attire glamour combo went on sale in the store.

Nearly true to its name, the Megashiba mount is a huge Shiba Inu dog that you may ride. This is a very adorable mount for you to get, complete with a lovely scarf and a suitable-sized saddle. A trailer for the mount was also made available by Square Enix, and it appears to have some interesting motions and other great features.

Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XIV

The street-wear-inspired set known as the informal Street Attire includes a Jacket and a Top, two distinctive top pieces. We must admit, we like the waistcoat and sleeveless tee over the jacket and crop top with “chocobo” logo.

The quality and interchangeability of the various elements, as with so many of these high-end beauty kits, is what really sells them. The collection consists of:

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One street cap
One street jacket
One Street Top
One street handbag
1 pair of street cargo pants
High-top street shoes, one

Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XIV

Additionally, each piece can be separately dyed, offering you a wide range of customizing possibilities. I’m eager to see how the FFXIV fashion experts will use this set.

People also ask

What does Crystal FFXIV aim to accomplish?

CORNER ENIX A currency called Crysta is utilized to purchase for a range of material, such as membership fees and in-game or optional products. You can store Crysta in your wallet after making a purchase and use it later to pay for these services or goods.

Is the FFXIV expansion Shadowbringers the final one?

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers is the third expansion pack for the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Final Fantasy XIV, created and released by Square Enix for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and macOS.

Is FF XIV a pay-to-win game?

It is not pay to win in this case because the FFXIV devs DID NOT design a system that allowed you to buy gil with real money. There isn’t a game out there where carry sales are absent. You will be extremely disappointed if that is what you need.

Do Ffxiv mounts span across accounts?

In FFXIV, some horses and pets are account-wide, but the majority are only unlocked for specific characters. For those coming from MMOs like World of Warcraft, where the opposite is true, it might seem a little perplexing. Most of the time, collector’s editions and certain store purchases are the only ways to unlock mounts and minions for your whole account.

Is FFXIV nearing its conclusion?

A new era is coming to an end in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. Nine years after it began, one story has come to a shocking and happy ending, while a brand-new adventure is on the horizon.

What will take place with FFXIV following Endwalker?

Fortunately, Endwalker’s in-game hints toward its conclusion and some of the patch notes for its 6.1 update from April may hint to the direction that the player’s next trip would take them. One of the primary adjustments is that the Warrior of Light will once again be seen as an explorer.

Why is FFXIV a monthly fee?

Post-play or post-sale payments to a business have two purposes: (1) to cover the cost of initial development; and (2) to generate revenue to enable the creation of additional content. FFXIV chose subscription and will stay doing so mostly because it’s the easiest method to maintain a publishing schedule.


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