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Playrix created the puzzle game called Fishdom. The easiest way to experience this Android game on your PC or Mac is with the BlueStacks app player.

Get Fishdom for PC via BlueStacks to experience a wild and crazy match-3 puzzle game!
Fishdom is fantastic if you like fish! Play against other players to accelerate the development of your aquarium. With the help of amusing 3D fish, each with its unique personality, explore an intriguing aquatic environment. Bring life to fish aquariums with gorgeous underwater décor Scuba mask in hand, enjoy the breathtaking aquatic graphics!


When you combine match-3 gameplay with interesting tasks, you can have fun and struggle with the task of decorating aquariums for cute talking fish. Watch their interactions with one another and with you. It’s finally time for you to jump in and join your aquatic friends on this amazing underwater adventure!

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You may swap and match pieces, construct and decorate aquariums, and even take care of and play with fish in this puzzle game. There are numerous challenging and fun match-3 games available


Prepare to make a splash by downloading Fishdom on PC with BlueStacks!

When your aquarium is linked to one of the social networks the game supports, you can only synchronize your gaming progress across several devices. However, there are other needs as well:
– The most recent game version must be installed on both devices.
– There is no cross-platform syncing between an iPad and a Mac; it is only possible between iOS and Android.

– Only the platform on which the original game is installed supports device synchronization through Game Center, Google Play Games, and Game Circle (for example, you cannot use Game Center to connect devices on iOS and Android).

How to sync your devices is as follows:

1. Download the game and start it on the second device.
2. Ensure that your internet connection is reliable.
3. Link the game’s social network account to the one you used for the first device.
4. A box will appear instructing you to download the saved game from our server.
5. Click Yes, then enter CONFIRM. You can transfer your game progress.
ATTENTION! Your current progress on the new device will be entirely replaced by the downloaded save file.


People also ask

How can I move Fishdom to a different device?

This is how you do it:
Install the game on the new smartphone after downloading it from an app store.
On the new device, launch Fishdom and finish the instruction.
To connect the game to the same social network account you used for the previous device, open the Settings menu.

Can I use two devices to play the same game?

As long as you use the same Microsoft Account, you can download, install, use, or play the game/app on any of your devices, but you cannot play it simultaneously. best regards Was this response useful?

How can I connect a game to a different device? Using an Android device and your Google account:

In the game’s settings or title screen, link your Google account.
Activate the game on your new gadget.
The new game should be linked to the same Google account as your other device.
Click or tap “Load game.”
Enter CONFIRM, then tap or click OK.

How can my Fishdom advancement be undone?

My gaming progress was lost.
Reinstall the game from the relevant application store after erasing it.
the same social network account that the game was linked to should be used.
You will see a pop-up box offering to download a previously created save file linked to your account. Then click Yes, and last write CONFIRM.

Can Fishdom be transferred to a new phone?

If the game on your previous device is linked to one of the supported social networks, you can transfer game progress from that device to the new one. Google Play and Facebook are supported by the current game version.


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