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Unturned is an open-world survival game that places players on a custom map where they can either fight zombies or other players. The fact that players can create their own custom maps using the in-game editor, cosmetics, and modes contributes to the game’s uniqueness and popularity. It’s also completely free to play on PC.

Aside from the zombies, the setting of Unturned is fairly realistic. You may manage a variety of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, planes, and even helicopters. The latter are extremely tough to use if you are not aware of the controls.

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Unturned Helicopter Flight Instructions

Learning to fly a helicopter in Unturned is actually quite simple, as long as you’re aware of the basic controls. However, depending on the system you’re playing on, how you handle a helicopter will differ.

How to Fly a Helicopter on a Computer

Get yourself a helicopter, a gas can, and a blowtorch.
To begin flying, press and hold “W”; this will also be used to control the height.
When you’re in the air, use the arrow keys (or your mouse) to gaze around and the “W”, “A”, “S”, and “D” keys to turn.
Tilt the helicopter’s nose down for faster flight, or up for slower flight.
To land the helicopter, press and hold “S.”

Fly a Helicopter in Unturned
Fly a Helicopter in Unturned

How to Fly a Helicopter on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One
Get yourself a helicopter, a gas can, and a blowtorch.
To begin flying, press and hold the right trigger up; this will also be used to regulate the height.
To swap seats, press “X” (or “A” for Xbox), and to change the camera angle, press “L3” (or “LS” for Xbox).
Using the right trigger, tilt the helicopter’s nose down to fly faster or up to fly slower.
To land the helicopter, tilt it and hold down the right trigger.
That’s all there is to know about flying a helicopter in Unturned. Meanwhile, be sure to check out some of our other articles on Gaming Vitals

Fly a Helicopter in Unturned
Fly a Helicopter in Unturned


People also ask

How do you fly in unaffected?

Unturned image result for how to fly a helicopter
To begin flying a plane in Unturned, you must first find a level area long enough to allow you to build speed. Then, hold down the “W” key. When you reach your top speed, move your mouse towards you to take off. Even if you’re in the air, don’t let off of the “W” key unless you wish to decelerate.

How do you transport Unturned cheats?

Using Cheats to Teleport in Unturned

Enter /teleport followed by the name of the town you want to visit in the chatbox. You can also use /teleport followed by wp to teleport to a waypoint.

Fly a Helicopter in Unturned
Fly a Helicopter in Unturned

Do you know how to fly a helicopter?

Helicopters are not driven. One flies or pilots aircraft, including helicopters, and may hover. Even on the ground, the verb for helicopters with wheels would be “taxi.”

In Unturned, how do you fly Huey?

To begin flying, climb into the helicopter and hold down the “W” key on your keyboard. After taking off, you can let go of the “W” button until the helicopter begins to fly too low. By pressing and releasing “W,” you can adjust the height. To fly faster, lower the helicopter’s nose.

Which is faster, the car or the helicopter?

In reality, helicopters are roughly 2-3 times faster than aeroplanes. What would take an hour by driving can be completed in less than half the time by helicopter. It’s ideal for circumstances where you need to go to a distant location quickly, such as a wedding or special function.

What is the best Unturned helmet?

Fly a Helicopter in Unturned
Fly a Helicopter in Unturned

The Loop – The Quarry

In Unturned 3, the Spec Ops Helmet is a Legendary Hat. It is the helmet equivalent of the Spec Ops Beret.

What is the best Unturned armour?

In Unturned 3, the Spec Ops Vest is a Legendary Vest with the highest damage reduction rate of any vest.


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