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At My Town: School, the bell is ringing! Visit the My Town classroom and let your youngster show you what’s going on in their classroom. Do your kids have any musical talent? Allow children to entertain you by playing music in the My Town music class, where they can learn notes and play the piano, strum along to some tunes on the guitar, or make noise on the drums! In the science lab, become a crazy scientist, but don’t forget to check out the Tesla before heading out to the schoolyard, where the coach will teach you a variety of sports like as tennis, baseball, basketball, and even badminton!


My Town: Friends house game - Apps on Google Play


*9 all-new places *10 science experiments to do and learn from *8 musical instruments *11 new multicultural kids characters ready to learn and play!
*There are seven completely new adult characters to pick from, including three different instructors, a coach, new parents, and even a grouchy principal!


Even when parents are not there, My Town games are safe to play.


The My Town Games studio creates digital dollhouse-style games for children all around the world that encourage creativity and open-ended play. My Town games, which are loved by both kids and parents, provide places and experiences for hours of imaginative play. Israel, Spain, Romania, and the Philippines are among the company’s locations.

Users Experience

Fantastic game, but there’s a problem: if you want to unlock any individual by watching AD, no matter how hard you try, you can’t. This isn’t just a problem in my town: school in all of my town’s games: Please solve this problem and in each game in my town

My Town Home: Family Playhouse - Apps on Google Play


Really think you should download it if you enjoy a little bit younger age, but there wasn’t much to do, and we’ll just be lagging a lot.

Overall, I enjoy the game. My sister plays it, and it appears to be entertaining, except that every time you leave a room, an advertisement appears. And it only gives you about 5 characters to begin with, none of them are particularly interesting. Also, just to be clear, the only nice outfits are those for which you must watch an advertisement. Then, as an afterthought.

This is a fantastic game, but we need to include a location where they can dine and,  believe, play, so please include a location where they can eat and play.

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Is my town school free?
With a Google Play Pass membership, you can play this game and hundreds of others without advertisements or in-app purchases. For a month, you can try it for free. At My Town: School, the bell is ringing! Visit the My Town classroom and let your youngster show you what’s going on in their classroom.

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