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An extremely well-liked Android Simulation APK is Forest of Destiny: Otome. Downloadable versions of 3.0.25 are presently available. Genius Inc. created and developed it. Get the Forest of Destiny: Otome MOD APK to access the best features.

When three animal spirits appear to you, your job at your stepfather’s real estate company will become much more challenging. They arrive under the name Protectors of the Sacred Forest looking for a new Forest Guardian and a way to save their home from approaching destruction.

Forest of Destiny
Forest of Destiny

When a string of arson attacks seem to be targeting your workplace, things get explosive in more ways than one, and it will be up to you to manage tensions on both sides while you try to identify the perpetrator.

Which will you choose if you had to decide between supporting people or spirits, your career or your beliefs, your mind or your heart?

Are you ready to take the position of Forest Guardian without hesitation?

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In Forest of Destiny, choose your fate!


The Alpha Wolf is Jinta

Jinta is the leader of his pack and a ferocious critic of humanity. His chew matches his bark. The only thing that persuades him to give you an opportunity is his love of the forest. Can you win his trust and ensure his troops’ allegiance in time for the impending major battle?

Rei, The Resilient Stag

Positivity and steadiness are prerequisites for carrying antlers, and Rei possesses both in spades. He has a respectable reputation inside your company and only a few followers due to his extended stay in the human world. Can you help us lessen the burden of our past mistakes?

Forest of Destiny
Forest of Destiny

The Flirty Fox, Midori

Midori infuses each of your interactions with an effervescent atmosphere that is equally appealing and unwaveringly hopeful. A terrible and endearing historical background is hidden behind these piercing eyes. Can you serve as his glimmer of hope when the storm clouds gather?

The cunning crane, Ren

Ren is committed to carving out his own path as the fourth Protector of the Sacred Forest. He cares little about a rookie Forest Guardian since he is determined to complete the destruction of his home at whatever cost. Can you convince him that pursuing peace is worthwhile?

Forest of Destiny: Otome MOD APK for Android

Use this Simulation APK’s straightforward touchscreen controls. This is a modified version with endless coins and many other extra features. There is an Android version 3.0.25 available. Use the aforementioned download link to get the Forest of Destiny: Otome mod APK.

MOD Functions

Forest of Destiny: Otome Menu MOD for free buy with unlimited money
Unlimited Diamonds and Gems
Premium Options

Pros and Cons

This needs to be the player’s favourite game out of all those produced by the corporation. The art in this one is stunning, and the story progression is excellent. Even without choosing ruby options, many still moan about the rubies and how rich the stories are.

This game was very entertaining and educational.


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