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-For people who are tired of lengthy and worthless level ups, we created it so they can be nostalgic about the time they held a controller to view the ending portion when they were younger.
-No data is consumed while gaming.
-All saved info is kept on your phone. When you delete the game, it is also deleted.
-Pleas has a strong interest in indie games.
-Using the ‘Stab’ attack correctly in [Game Tip] can help you run the game more smoothly.

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Legend of the Moon
Legend of the Moon

Requirements and Details

Android 2.3 and higher versions of Android Smartphones and Tablets are required.

Storage space is required to be at least 27 MB.

There isn’t any need for a web connection to play.

com is the APK ID. GoZipGame.LOM

Apk Version: 1.0 Genre: Action Price: €1.00 No In-App Purchases Ads? NO

Legend of the Moon
Legend of the Moon

Installation Instructions

Download one of the [APK] files below (the HACKED app is the MOD version) OR try the [Google Play] version;
Install the apk file on your smartphone or tablet (if you’re on mobile, simply tap on the apk to install it);
Play The Legend of the Moon by launching the app!

Legend of the Moon MOD APK is a fantastic Action app for Android that has already been downloaded 13339 times from! You’ll undoubtedly admire its gameplay,  and we hope you do! If you have some free time, please scroll down and review this software by providing important feedback and sharing your experience with Legend of the Moon MOD APK, so that people all over the world may learn what you think of it.
If you enjoy Action apps for Android as much as we do, you’ll be happy to hear that we have thousands of similar games and apps; simply click here to see our whole collection of Action apps for Android!

Legend of the Moon
Legend of the Moon

How can I get Legend of the Moon MOD APK?

Legend of the Moon MOD APK may be downloaded in three simple steps:

Select one of the green “Download” buttons shown above.
You’ll be redirected to our forum in a few seconds (if that doesn’t happen, click the “Proceed” button at the top of that page).
You’ve arrived to the Forum. If you are a guest, simply Login (or Register if you are not already a member of our community; it only takes 20 seconds) and the Download link will appear.
Is there no download link? Don’t worry: watch our short video instruction on how to install Legend of the Moon MOD APK or contact our community for assistance.


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