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Hey, are you ready to fight?
It’s now your turn to compete for the famous lad of your dreams. Competing in your race against other attractive females and collecting all the money to grow richer. You get more stylish as your wealth increases. Simply cross the bridge to become the world’s most renowned and admired girl in Love Race 3D!

Money Run 3D - Apps on Google Play

It’s not just about racing games! Join numerous simulated mini games where you can dress up as a fashion lady, complete your daily cleansing routine, apply make-up and select outfits for special occasions, care for your pet, and participate in amusing high school activities. It’s your game, so go for it!

OUTSTANDING FEATURES ⚡ – Addictive competed girl race – Endless mini games to play – Easy to control – Bright casual 3D graphic – Fashionable clothes and accessories

You don’t have to look for another option; download Love Race 3D right now and enjoy your one-of-a-kind experience!

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Table of Contents

Money Race 3D Reviews

  • Mixed feelings
I gave it a three-star rating because it’s an entertaining game that reminds me of Wipeout. But it freezes a lot and is shaky at times, and I was really disappointed when I got to the “season” with the moving blocks because no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get through, and whoever I was playing with had the same issue, like the three of us tried so hard to get across that obstacle and it wouldn’t let us. I’d hop on a block and then stop to wait for another, but my character continued to move, almost as if it was sliding, because my legs weren’t moving and I had no control! Even though I wasn’t touching the screen, I ended up falling every time. So I thought I’d close it and then open it again since I felt it was just my phone acting up, but it wasn’t; when I played it again, it did the same thing, not only to me, but also to the other players. So I erased the game and reinstalled it, but now I have to restart from the beginning, and I’m having difficulties controlling my character in general…
  • It’s a fun game, but it needs a lot of work

As you can see from the title, this game is quite enjoyable, but only if you know how to avoid all of the game’s drawbacks. For example, several of the angles are horrible. I was in the middle of a race once, and I was about to finish it when the last barrier completely obstructed my view. I couldn’t tell if I was between the hammers, safe, or very near to the hammer going to be slammed out of existence in another race. Another issue with this game is your character’s positioning. I don’t like the fact that you and your opponents are in separate locations. These placements can either greatly assist you or completely derail your chances of winning. The finest place to be is in the middle. The worst places to be are on the outside. To make the race much more fair, I believe the game should locate the characters in the same spot, as most other games do today, rather than in different places. “How are you supposed to see yourself?” you might ask. You can, however, make the other players “ghost players,” in the sense that they are nearly invisible but still visible. These faults are quite irritating, and they make the game far less enjoyable than it could be. However, if you can solve these issues, the game is quite enjoyable.

Money Race 3D - Apps on Google Play

  • Reason I rated game 3 stars.
When writing this review for you and critiquing you, I’m not trying to be cruel; I just want you to take my suggestion on what to do in the game and either correct it or use it wisely in the creation of your next game. My first point is that there are far too many advertisements. I appreciate that you get compensated for putting so many adverts on there, but you could at least reduce the number of ads. Instead of giving me another try right away when I lose or continuously failing in the game, I have to wait one or two minutes for an advertisement to end before I can try again. I could play this all day if it weren’t for the advertising. My second point is that you should give the characters the option of running faster; part of the reason people don’t always make it through the hurdles is that their characters can’t move fast enough to avoid them. At the very least, make the customer pay in COINS rather than cash! That’s all the changes you should make to the game, and I hope you take my advice to heart. That is why I gave this game three stars; there are two things that should be improved. Sincerely,
  • Ads make the game unplayable!!

I play a variety of games, some of which are free, some of which are premium, and some of which are freemium. I don’t mind paying for things that add to the game’s worth. I don’t mind commercials in games, but in this situation, the adverts are so numerous that they render the game useless. A typical round of play lasts between 20 and 30 seconds, if even that long. Then there’s an advertisement after each round! The ad is frequently unable to be closed for the entire 30 second duration. When you try to close the ad by clicking the X, you’re taken to the Safari web browser, which then takes you to the App Store. What sense does it make to spend an equal or higher portion of your game time on advertisements? When you first start the game, the main game screen doesn’t even load; instead, an ad loads!! Again, I don’t mind paying for a game, but when the only reason to pay is to get rid of the advertisements, it becomes a business transaction rather than a pleasant game. Oh, and ad-free access costs $5. It’s just not worth it. I’ll stick to other freemium games that let you to play for several minutes before being interrupted by a five-second advertisement. I’ll revise my review if they address this obnoxious, game-breaking cash grab gimmick.

  • Fun game
This is an entertaining game with a lot of potential. Just one thing: level one is quite difficult! It took me three tries to pass the first portion before I died. The good news is that if you pass and die in the middle, you will load and reply in the middle. Also, level three is insanely difficult! It irritates me to consider it, yet you don’t go flat once you die. Someone fell from the edge in the advertisement I saw for this game, but you never do!
Also, while this game is addicting at first, I’ve had it for a month and haven’t played it once!
In conclusion, this is a fantastic app that I would recommend, but it is difficult and addictive! You should already have this app.
Money Run 3D 👸🤑👗 NEW UPDATE!! All Levels Gameplay Android,ios - YouTube
  • Great game when it’s not glitching
I’ve only been playing this game for a few days, but it’s been a lot of fun so far.
The game started glitching today. Instead of a two-person race on the same course, I do a two-person race on a completely different course. This appears to be a common issue, based on what I’ve read. What I don’t understand is why, given that there have been reports of this issue for about a month, it hasn’t been resolved.
It also shows the track and the countdown for my bonus rounds, but when it says go, I have no characters to play. So I decided to exit the app and return. When you return, you will have forfeited the bonus round. As a result, I’m no longer earning coins.
Like I said before, it’s a fun game, but the number of bugs irritates me. If this continues, I’ll be uninstalling the app because the bugs detract significantly from the entire game experience.
Money Run 3D - Apps on Google Play


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