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The most recent update to the game is called Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. For endgame gamers, this expansion introduced a completely new set of quests. The rewards and materials obtained from quests help players create their armour to the highest level and quality. Golden Muck is a resource that most players will need to acquire. Mud and a deadly monster’s mucus are mixed together in it. I’ll explain how to obtain Golden Muck in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak in this article.

MHR Sunbreak
MHR Sunbreak

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak’s Golden Muck

Monster Hunter: Rise: Golden Muck When completing the quest to kill Almudron, the monster Sunbreak will drop. A large leviathan monster called Almudron lives in marshes. Almudron lives in the Mud, and its tail secretes mucus, which is combined to create Golden Muck. You must complete quests that lead to the death of Almudron in order to obtain Golden Muck. These are:

The Swamp Hermit

Rampage Quests: A Muddy Invitation: Down ‘n’ Dirty Master Utsushi’s Challenge, Part 1
Chaos in the Ruins: Head to Head

Almudron can be found in the Flooded Forest, Sandy Plains, and Shrine Ruins. So get ready for the fight because it’s going to be close-range and messy. The Golden Muck is yours once the Beast is killed. The following gear is made using golden muck

Mud Shot, Almudron Bowgun, Almudron Gunlance, Almudron Axe, Almudron Blade, General’s Strongaxe, Arko Nulo Yellow, Ninja Parasol, Odyssey Blade, Origami Axe, and Almudron Mail

It is also applied to the following Gear upgrades:

Almudron Axe I
Almudron Blade I
Arko Nulo Yellow I
Almudron Bowgun I
Barroth Anchor II
Canyne Cannon II
Grenade Launcher II
Kamura Blade IV
Mud Ripper I
Mud Shot I
Plegis Needle II
Pukei Edge II
Rath Flamespitter II
Sleepy Shellsword II

Everything in this had to do with finding Golden Muck in MHR Sunbreak. I hope my advice has been useful to you.

MHR Sunbreak
MHR Sunbreak

People also ask

Where can I find Golden Muck?

Where to Find Golden Muck. Low-Rank Almudron frequently leaves behind shiny objects on the ground, one of which is Golden Muck. During Wyvern Riding, these are frequently dropped when creatures are sent into walls. They can also occasionally be dropped during battles with other monsters and other encounters.
MHR Sunbreak
MHR Sunbreak

Where is golden sludge to be found?

Locations of Golden Sludge Fields

A circle () indicates the sites where Golden Sludge can be found. In the open world, one can mine or harvest the items listed in this table. Not mentioned here are items earned by carving monsters.

What is the foundation of Magnamalo?

Samurai armour served as Magnamalo’s primary source of inspiration. A well-known image of an armoured samurai ghost, albeit not a yokai per per, served as the inspiration for Magnamalo’s design.

Where can I buy Monster Bone Plus?

Large monsters must be killed or captured in order to obtain Monster Bone+ (low-rank). The mission reward screen will display a prize for it. Play missions or go on expeditions to defeat monsters. Bonepiles cannot be used to obtain it.

What is the Barroth vulnerable to?

Elements. Weirdly, the Barroth has weak points in each element. Dragon (one star) and Ice (two stars) are always at work.

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