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Your character lives on a deserted island in Dinkum. For the growth of our town, you must farm, rear animals, and construct sturdy buildings and other constructions. Resources must be located on the island in order to build constructions. The island is rich in natural resources, such as Hard Wood. It is really helpful for making game things. How to obtain Hard Wood in Dinkum is provided below.

Dinkum Hard Wood is available

Dinkum requires the use of a crafting table to create tools and weapons. Hard Wood is one of the materials required for the creation of tools and weapons. These ideas are cited in Get Hard Wood:

In this game, a special license is required for each activity. In Dinkum, a logging license is necessary in order to cut down trees.


If you don’t have one, get one from Fletch for 250 Permit Points. But it’s strongly advised to upgrade to a level 2 logging license. To unlock the license, you must have 1000 PP and reach wood-cutting level 10.

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Now proceed to John’s Goods and spend 1,200 Dinks to buy a Basic Axe. Go to the mines to gather Copper Ore so you can turn it into Copper Bars. A Copper Axe may be made using 2 Copper Bars and 1 Basic Axe.
The best and most accessible tool for felling trees so that you can harvest Hard Wood from them is a copper axe.
Compared to other trees, hard wood appears a little bit darker. The Hard Wood is immediately transformed into Hard Wood logs after being cut.


You should be aware of that regarding Hard Woods in Dinkum. Check read our other article if you found this one to be helpful.

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