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Pilot Brothers is a Russian animated television series that inspired a number of point-and-click adventure games. Those games have been remastered and re-released in English, but translations are for cowards, therefore we’re playing the original!

This is the first game in a future game series starring two brothers titled Pilots. They are particularly popular in the former Soviet Union because of well-known animated cartoons. The game genre is a spoof of a detective novel, complete with aspects of adventure, action, thrillers, humour, puzzles, and so on.

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 Pilot Brothers 1
Pilot Brothers 1

Based on the classic cartoon, Pilot Brothers 1 is a fascinating mission with arcade and puzzle elements. The game follows the exploits of seasoned and well-known detectives as they investigate another crime. The pilot brothers must track down the missing elephant.

Berdichev, the central zoo, hosts the events. There was an elephant of a rare breed kept there. He vanished without a trace. The Directorate committed the investigation to the game’s primary characters, detectives Chief and Colleague. They responded to Berdichev’s first call. Their mission is to recover the missing Canopy, track down the kidnappers, and figure out what motivated the crime.

 Pilot Brothers 1
Pilot Brothers 1

The characters in the android game Pilot Brothers 1 are all unique. The investigation is led by the rigorous and diligent Chief, who promptly takes matters into his own hands. A slow and absent-minded coworker comes up with ludicrous ideas and attempts to assist.

Pilot Brothers 1 has the following features:

 Pilot Brothers 1
Pilot Brothers 1

An intriguing plot based on the adventures of the beloved cartoon’s heroes.
Characters are adorable, and the gameplay is unique and addictive.
There are numerous stages with varying degrees of difficulty.
Mini-games and puzzles are also available.
A surprising conclusion.


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