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There are several Pokemon that are only found in the Scarlet or Violet editions of the game, and you can trade with your friends to acquire those that are missing from your game. These Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trade codes can be used in that situation. When someone wants to give away a Pokemon you want, they will assist you in negotiating a deal for starters or version-exclusives. Use this guide if you’re unsure how to make it function.

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Trade Codes For Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

For the information, many thanks to @AustinJohnPlays on Twitter and YouTube. Check out his video and be sure to follow him on social media!

Use the Trade Code 00010004 to see if you can find someone who wants to trade with you if you have a Sprigatito and want a Fuecoco. This is due to the regional dex of Sprigatito being 0001 and that of Fuecoco being 0004.
The individual who wants to trade their Fuecoco for a Sprigatito must use the same code as the person trading their Sprigatito. Consequently, the trade code will remain the same and be 00010004.

In essence, we are listing each Pokemon’s regional dex entry first in the dex. You WON’T USE 00040001 even though you wish to trade a Fuecoco for a Sprigatito. This is so because Sprigatito entered the building before Fuecoco. Additionally, because both players are utilising the same code, they can quickly locate one another.

Similar to this, if you have a Sprigatito and desire a Quaxly, you must input the code 00010007 since 0007 is the Quaxly’s regional dex.

What is Trading?

Select Link Trade or Surprise Trade from the Poke Portal’s menu.
Surprise trade is exactly what it sounds like; when you trade the Pokemon you wish to give away, you won’t know the Pokemon .

However, Link Trade allows you to select the Pokemon you want to trade, view the exchange offer on the other side, and then pick whether or not to trade.
Click Begin Searching after choosing Link Trade.
If you want to look for a trading partner for a Link transaction, the game will ask you to do so. Select Yes.
Choose the Pokemon you wish to trade > click the Trade it option after you get the message “Trade partner has been located.”The Pokemon you will receive in exchange will then be visible to you.
That’s basically it! You will witness the animation demonstrating the trade’s successful conclusion and receive the Pokemon’s information for your Pokedex.
How to Trade Pokemon Locally Using Link Codes

link trade pokemon sv

Go to Link Trade in the Poke Portal.
To set a code, scroll to Set Link Code and enter a code with no more than 8 digits. Tell the friend you wish to swap Pokemon with the precise number. Additionally, they must designate it as their link code.
Following that, select Begin Searching, and your friend will appear as a Trade partner.

This also works if you wish to trade with other gamers online, but both parties need to be logged into Nintendo Switch Online.

link trade code

You might desire to gather a number of version/edition exclusives. For instance, Drifloon and Ceruledge are both exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, respectively. Scarlet possesses the Pokemon Koraidon, whereas Violet has the well-known Misdreavus.

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