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Gunfire Reborn is a level-based adventure game with FPS, roguelite, and RPG components. Players take control of diverse characters, each with their own set of powers, as they go through procedurally generated levels and collect randomly dropping weapons.

Gunfire Reborn
Gunfire Reborn

Gun fire Reborn can be played solo or collaboratively with up to three additional players (4-player co-op).
Every level is unique, and each restart is an entirely different experience. Throughout the game, you will meet new heroes and encounter new weapons, equipment, checkpoints, and combat rhythms.

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Gunfire Reborn
Gunfire Reborn

Game Features:

  • FPS+Roguelite+RPG gameplay integrated, diversified construction Build through the death cycle for a unique experience.
  • Stage experience that is elaborate but random
  • Over a hundred different items and weaponry
  • Many heroes and game pluses with various game mechanisms
  • Art in a distinctive style
  • Level-based co-op adventure
Gunfire Reborn
Gunfire Reborn

Users Show Experience

  • It’s incredible to see how far this game has progressed, especially as someone who has put in several dozen hours.
  • So many aspects of the game have been enhanced, and it’s amazing to see such a small game expand as much as it has.
  • Good review of a terrific game – this should be popular once people discover it because they nailed the game play loop and it’s a pleasure.
  • The controls are fantastic, and the weapon collection is fantastic!
  • The basic gun does not scale with your level; rather, it scales with the level of your lowest primary weapon.
  • Having a lot of fun with this game so far. Wait for them to add more content!
  • The gameplay loop in gunshot always eager to get back in after a run hot is so addicting.
  • The weaponry’ sci-fi appearance, combined with traditional Chinese aesthetics, looks quite amazing.
  • Gameplay appears to be fantastic. Consider how many characters could be created.
  • The character designs are similar to those of Fur Fighters, more so the cell-shaded ones from the PS2 port than the Dreamcast original, not to mention the shock rifle has the clear sphere in the center and the purple colour scheme of the Neutron Gun, as well as the “don’t stop moving ever” gameplay style.
Gunfire Reborn
Gunfire Reborn

People also ask

Is it worthwhile to play Gunfire Reborn?

Gunfire Reborn – Definitely Worth Buying

That is Gunfire Reborn, a truly amazing game with highly fun and gratifying mechanics that is reasonably priced for what it is. I would strongly recommend it, and I hope you enjoy playing it.

Is Gunfire Reborn a rogue-like character?

Gunfire Reborn Review – Risk of Rain Meets Borderlands Image
Gunfire Reborn is a roguelike Borderlands that has recently exited Early Access. Gunfire Reborn debuted quietly on Steam Early Access in May 2020, but after a few patches, its blend of Borderlands-style loot shooting and roguelike aspects garnered tens of thousands of players.

Is Gunfire Reborn considered a roguelite?

Gunfire Reborn Mobile, available now on iOS and Android, blends FPS aspects with RPG and roguelite action. Duoyi Games has announced the April 13th release date for Gunfire Reborn Mobile, which will allow players to engage in exhilarating FPS roguelite action on iOS and Android.

Is it worthwhile to play Gunfire Reborn solo?

It’s a lot of fun to play alone. It’s a little more difficult than team play because the bad guys only have you to focus on and no one else to revive you. I got up to around level 100 or so solo before attempting multiplayer, and I loved every minute of it. Solo play is best if you’ve mastered the game.

Can you play Gunfire Reborn by yourself?

You can play the game alone or in a four-player cooperative mode.

Is Gunfire Reborn currently unavailable?

I was considering purchasing this game until I discovered that it cannot be played offline.

Can Gunfire Reborn escape?

Can I Resurrect Gunfire? A minimum CPU equal to an Intel Core i5-6400 is required to play Gunfire Reborn. In order to run it, an Intel Core i5-7500 processor is recommended. In terms of game file size, you will require at least 4 GB of available free disc space.

Is Gunfire Reborn a couch cooperative?

Is it possible to splitscreen this? As of currently, the game does not support split screen.

Is there a backstory behind Gunfire Reborn?

Image outcome
The difference is that Gunfire Reborn is a roguelite, and it has a great time with it. Your goal in Gunfire Reborn isn’t dependent on a storyline — the tale is so forgettable that it’s barely mentioned outside of the tutorial

How many bosses can you find in Gunfire Reborn?

Image outcome
In Gunfire Reborn, there are four main and three alternate bosses, for a total of seven. You can still finish the game by beating only the four main bosses, but you may find more satisfaction in defeating the other three, even if the prizes aren’t as excellent, and occasionally completely absent.


Who resurrected gunfire?

Duoyi (Hong Kong) Interactive Entertainment Limited is a Hong Kong-based interactive entertainment company.


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