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A summons to all commanders: the world is at war, and it is up to you to step up and lead us to victory!

GUNS UP! Mobile - - Android & iOS MODs, Mobile Games & Apps

GET YOUR GUNS READY! TM Mobile is a multiplayer online strategy game that adds a fresh twist to Tower Defense combat. Create an army, send your troops into war, and provide support for your soldiers. Give them commands and back them up with a variety of deployments ranging from tanks to airstrikes! This updated take on a PlayStation classic has a tone of material!

Guns Up Mobile APK 1.1.8 [Official] Download for Android



Compete in asynchronous Multiplayer fights in which attackers are put against the defences of other players. Bring your best soldiers, devise your own fighting strategy, and take control of the battlefield. War’s prizes are waiting for you!


If PvP isn’t your style, you can instead participate in a variety of single-player activities. Fight against developer-created puzzle bases, defend against hordes of Zombies, escape military prisons, and much more!

BUILD YOUR BASE Create a fine-tuned defence against attackers and protect your most important resources by expanding and upgrading your base. View replays of your opponent’s attacks and tweak your defence strategy to build the best base defence.

Munitions & Specials Cheating All the Way! - GUNS UP! (PS5 60fps) - YouTube


Recruit new Soldier classes to add to your roster. As you collect riches in battle, you can upgrade and personalise your army. Use tactics to keep your soldiers alive, assist them in becoming veterans, and boost your power for future attacks and defences.



Form alliances with your friends and fight in Alliance Wars with them for loot and glory on the leaderboards. Coordination methods, gifting resources, unlocking new enhancements, and sharing spoils of war are all ways to work together. Each Alliance War season delivers new challenges and content for you and your friends to enjoy!

There is no more time to spend, Commander. Prepare for a fight!

To play, you must have a network connection.

GUNS UP! TM Mobile is free to download and play, but some in-app cash and products require real money to purchase. To play or download GUNS UP! Mobile, you must be at least 13 years old. For additional information, please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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  • This game is a lot of fun to play.
  • The units are cool, the graphics are nice, and the defence system is unique.
  • The only issue¬† have with the game is that it is uneven. Defense is difficult to win since the attacker has too many missiles at his disposal and there is simply too much time to attack with the opponent…
  • Fantastic gameplay mechanics
  • The game’s balance needs to be adjusted. The first are the higher tier cards.
  • As stated in previous evaluations, resources, notably ammo, must recover at a faster rate. When troops are blown up, the ragdoll physics are fantastic. A mission that reads “connect your account” has a glitch.
  • Excellent start. It’s one of those grindy games with a lot of energy, but the quality looks to be good enough to keep me playing so far. The only drawback is that there are frequent loading screens; otherwise, the gameplay is smooth. While this game makes use of ranking, resources, and energy, only event bouts make use of energy.
  • Good game, similar to the one on PC, but with new gameplay and material. There are numerous bugs, such as not being able to receive your right prizes after completing a quest, not obtaining gems after completing raid seasons, defence loops in which you must replay game modes to acquire the mission rewa…

People also ask

Are GUNS UP available?
Guns Up! Mobile is now available on Android and iOS worldwide.
Is GUNS UP available on mobile?
Guns Up!, a military strategy game, is now available on iOS and Android worldwide.
What happened to GUNS UP?
Guns Up! is a well-known strategy game. Valkyrie Entertainment is a strategy game with an active component. Mobile will not be available in the United States anytime soon, as the game revealed that its release will be delayed until 2022. The main reason for the decision is that the game requires more enhancements.
Are GUNS UP free?
GUNS UP! is a free-to-play side-scrolling strategy game in which players compete to destroy enemy bases in order to strengthen their own army.
What happened to guns up mobile?
Valkyrie Entertainment’s popular strategy game Guns Up! Mobile will not be released globally until early 2022, according to the game’s announcement. The main reason for the decision is that the game still has to be improved.
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Are GUNS UP offline games?
GET YOUR GUNS READY! TM Mobile is a multiplayer online strategy game that adds a fresh twist to Tower Defense combat. Create an army, send your men into war, and provide assistance to your soldiers.


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