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Gym Realms is a Roblox platform experience created by Xenobyte. It’s time to get swole in Gym Realms on Roblox. Lift dumbbells, barbells, punching bags, trademils, and other weights to improve strength. The more strength you get, the larger you will become and the more you will be able to lift. Participate in brawls, explore the map, and purchase rebirths. Try to climb to the top of the leaderboards.

Gym Realms Codes
Gym Realms Codes

With our Gym Realms codes list, you may get the most recent free stuff, boosters, and more. More information on how to redeem codes in Gym Realms may be found in the section below. Remember to bookmark the website and return frequently to check for new codes and updates. If you’re on a computer, use CTRL+D to bookmark us and never miss another code again.

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Codes for all Gym Realms

The complete list of Roblox Gym Realms codes may be seen here. You can use any of these codes to get freebies like boosts, money, or even limited-time stuff by entering them into the code redemption box. Codes expire after a short period of time, so use them quickly or they will be lost. Return soon for additional information.

Codes for Current Gym Realms

600,000 Members — Redeem for more Gems and Strength. (NEW, 6/17 addition)
Redeem for more Gems and Strength in Summer2021. (NEW, 6/17 addition)
Redeem 100kFavsGR for bonus Gems and Strength. (NEW, 6/17 addition)
Bosses can be redeemed for more Gems and Strength. (NEW, 6/17 addition)
Redeem for extra Gems and Strength in the Jungle. (NEW, 6/17 addition)
NorthPole — Exchange for more Gems and Strength. (NEW, 6/17 addition)
Redeem for more Gems and Strength in the Simulator. (NEW, 6/17 addition)
MUSCLES – Redeem for more Gems and Strength (limited to Xenobyte’s Roblox Group members)
(NEW, 6/17 addition)

(NEW, 6/17 addition)
Redeem for extra Gems and Strength in Candyland. (NEW, 6/17 addition)

Gym Realms Codes
Gym Realms Codes

Expired Codes


– 20m  Visits

-Bosses Soon




– soontm

Gym Realms Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use my Gym Realms codes?

Start Gym Realms on your Roblox-enabled device.
On the left, click the Twitter symbol.
In the code redemption box, enter a valid code.
Take advantage of your free in-game prizes.

To redeem the code, click on the Redeem button.


Where can I acquire new Gym Realms codes?

Keep up with announcements and Gym Realms news by following the developers on Twitter. You may additionally join the legitimate Discord network server or observe the game’s Roblox web page to talk with different players, get new updates and information, and examine more approximately the game. We recommend keeping an eye on our code list for updates so you can have them all in one place!

Gym Realms Codes
Gym Realms Codes

That concludes the list of working Roblox Gym Realms codes. Save this page and return later for more. We’ll add it to our list as soon as it becomes available.

What are the clicker realm codes?

Codes for Clicker Realms (Working)
SubToLucaDaBoy – Redeem coupon for a large number of free clicks.
2KConcurrent – Enter code for a large number of free clicks.
1MVisits – Enter the code to get a lot of free clicks.
FreePetForYou – Enter the code to receive a free Demon pet.
Redeem ticket for 100,000 Clicks at 500KEvent.
1KConcurrent – Redeem a Rebirth code.

What are all of the codes for champions?

Clicking on the Champions Codes (Working)
CDTV – Redeem a CDTV pet code (NEW)
IceLuck – Enter code to get 2x clicks.
GoldenClick – Enter code to receive 2x golden clicks.
40KSECRET – Enter code to receive a free pet.
SecretCode – Enter code to receive a 2x secret boost.
ElementalClick – Enter code to receive 2x clicks.

Codes for Ninja Clicker Simulator (Working)

gal4xy – Enter this code to receive a free Galactus Pet.
HW2020 – Enter code to receive a free pet.
POWER – Enter the code for the Open Egg Faster Boost.
WATER – Enter the code for x2 Luck.
BZZZZZ – For 1 hour, redeem code for x10 Secret Pets Chances.
HONEY – Enter the code for an x10 Yen boost.

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