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Changes to the way ore is generated in Minecraft were made in the Caves and Cliffs update. Previously, ore was produced in continuous blocks at specific layers in a rough and ready manner. However, with the Caves and Cliffs update, it will now appear in different concentrations at various tiers of the cliff. This revolutionised the way ore was mined, making it more efficient.

Mining ore in Minecraft has become much more difficult as a result of this. To find the best ore mining locations after Caves and Cliffs, keep reading.

Ore and other materials can be found in abundance in natural caves. If you go deep enough into the earth, you may come across veins of gold and other valuable minerals that can only be found in caves.

Even though the update’s title suggests otherwise, cliffs are great places to find ore.

Minecraft’s mineshafts, which are randomly generated, are excellent places to find ore. You can easily find hidden ore veins because they cut through large underground areas. In addition, they’re stuffed with other treats. Also read here what do pigs eat in minecrafts.

Copper, Iron, Lapis, Gold, and occasionally Emeralds can all be found in these layers on average. There are no Diamonds here, which begin generating at level 16 and below. On the other hand, if you want to begin your Diamond mining operation by digging down, this is the ideal location.

Massive amounts of Iron, Redstone, Gold, Lapis, and Diamonds, as well as the occasional deposit of copper, are found in the Deepslate layers that are added to Caves and Cliffs. When it comes to late-game mining, the Deepslate is your best bet.

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