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Pixel Gun 3D is a fun multiplayer first-person shooter. Download the game to experience blocky graphics, competitive gameplay, and other features:

More than 800 weapons 40 handy devices and tools ten distinct game modes ten fascinating mini-games Throughout the year, 100+ gorgeous maps rotate. Campaign for Zombie Survival

Pixel Gun 3D
Pixel Gun 3D


You are trapped in a spaceship with other players and must complete certain chores in order to keep the ship running and return home. However, there is an impostor in the squad who will always sabotage your plans.


Join forces with friends to advance your clan to the top levels and win significant prizes.
Update and customize your Fort to face up to PvE sieges and assemble a formidable tank to raid other Clans’ fort


Conquer regions, command the vast global map, gather valour points, and profit from your domains to win the war.

Pixel Gun 3D
Pixel Gun 3D


Pixel Gun 3D contains over 800 distinct weapons, all of which can be used. Do you want to utilize a mediaeval sword and shield or the Dark Matter Generator? Simply do it! Don’t forget about the grenades.

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Do you want to be an Orc, a Skeleton, a powerful Amazon, or something else? Show off with extra-detailed skins and clothing. Alternatively, you can make your own with the Skin Editor.


Battle Royale, Raids, Deathmatch, Duels, and so on… There are numerous opportunities for you to push yourself. Not to mention the brawls that occur on a weekly basis.

Pixel Gun 3D
Pixel Gun 3D


Are you sick of being the best on the battlefield? It’s time to compete and demonstrate your abilities to every warrior on the planet. Their hero will face Sniper Tournament, Parkour Challenge, Glider Rush, and other obstacles!

Users Experience

They also force microtransactions down your throat and offer wealthy gamers an unfair advantage. However, the campaign mode was fantastic. Cubic also included items that were trendy at the time.

This game used to be good, but it has since degraded.

They put bots into the game who are sometimes better than players, and they have random weapons. This game ranks first in terms of balance issues… really, the concept of balance does not exist in this game. And, just so you know, putting time into this game isn’t worth it.

Pixel Gun 3D – Battle Royale on PC

One of the best mobile shooter games is making its way to your desktop PC. Play Pixel Gun 3D on PC and Mac to witness life-or-death situations unfold in front of your eyes. Choose from a number of FPS modes and enjoy killing your opponents with over 200 weapon variations.

Play Pixel Gun 3D for PC or Mac for even more gaming fun and excitement. The graphics are as bright and clear as their original Android counterpart, and the sound quality is much better. Improve your aim with BlueStacks Shooting mode, which is specifically built for FPS games, and perform more precise kill shots with your computer mouse rather than touch screen controls.

Pixel Gun 3D
Pixel Gun 3D

People also ask

Is it possible for a ten-year-old to play Pixel Gun 3D?

Excellent game, but be cautious with in-app purchases.

That won’t be an issue if your children are mature enough to handle the chat feature or if you know how to turn it off. When my kids were too little to play fortnite, I bought this for them. It has graphic violence in the style of Minecraft or Roblox. My ten and thirteen-year-old children like playing together.

Is Pixel Gun 3D going away?

According to one of the official forum announcements, Pixel Gun World administrator Daniel Hyuuga acknowledged that the game is completely cancelled with no hope of rebirth, but that there is a game comparable to it, despite the fact that an official game or revival was never developed.

What is the name of the first gun in PG3D?

Adventure Game Pixel Gun 3D – Battle Royale Image
Because of its appearances in multiple official pictures and the fact that it is the first weapon the player sees when entering the game or by the game’s symbol, the Pixel Gun is perhaps the most iconic weapon in the game (earlier versions).

Is it possible for a 9-year-old to play Pixel Gun 3D?

Pixel Gun 3D is rated for players aged 12 and above and is available for free in the App Store and Google Play Store, however it contains in-app adverts and purchases. Pixel Gun 3D is appropriate for older children under parental supervision.

Is Pixel Gun 3D available for PC?

Pixel Gun 3D – Battle Royale is a PC game. One of the best mobile shooter games is making its way to your desktop PC. Play Pixel Gun 3D on PC and Mac to witness life-or-death situations unfold in front of your eyes. Choose from a number of FPS modes and enjoy killing your opponents with over 200 weapon variations.

What is the procedure for deleting your Pixel Gun 3D account?

Navigate to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage to begin (on your device) Tap the Pixel Gun 3D app’s name and then “Delete Data.”

Can Pixel Gun 3D accounts be merged?

You will also be unable to merge accounts with others.

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