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Players may quickly check their MMR in MultiVersus. Additionally, keeping track of your MMR can encourage you to raise it. Match Making Rating, or MMR, determines the opponents you face. As you compete against stronger opponents, the higher it is, the harsher your battles should be. So let’s find out how to check your MultiVersus MMR and how to raise it in this article.

MultiVersus MMR check

From the Leaderboards in MultiVersus, you may view your MMR.

Open MultiVersus, and then in the top left corner of the screen, select Career. The combat pass will be seen above this icon.

It will open a new tab while displaying your statistics. These statistics are shown here:

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Your rank and recent win percentage for both teams and 1v1 modes are included in your career stats.

Including matches, damage, and ringouts for your most-played character.

Now click the Leaderboards icon to check your MMR.

The top 30 players for both teams and one-on-one matches are displayed on the leaderboards.

MultiVersus leaderboards overview and guide | The Loadout

Methods for Increasing MMR

By winning more games, you can raise your MMR. The creators have not publicly disclosed the procedures used to determine the MMR. So let’s start by thinking about the one item that is frequently used to raise MMR in most games. But it can also be a factor in this, just like how character roles are taken into account in other games. In order to raise your MMR, you should first increase your win rate, ringouts, and damage output.
Work on the role of your character as an additional task. As a tank, strive to take more damage, for instance, so that your buddy may concentrate on attacking. You can work as an aid.

Again, the methods listed above are merely typical strategies to raise your MMR and have not been formally confirmed. Additionally, even if they don’t have a big impact on your MMR, focusing on those areas can help you play better.

That concludes this tutorial on how to check and raise your MMR (Match Making Rating) in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus - How to See MMR - Slyther Games

People also ask

How can I locate my most recent MMR?

You cannot formally check your MMR. However, you can infer it in part from how LP points are allocated following a rated game. Utilizing a service that obtains data from the API is the simpler way to view your MMR. One of these websites, WhatismyMMR, provides a respectable assessment of your MMR.

How is the MMR assessed?

By dividing the total recorded (or estimated) live births in the same period by the number of recorded (or estimated) maternal deaths, and then multiplying the result by 100,000, the maternal mortality ratio can be calculated.

Why is the MMR high?

A player will also lose LP until they are downgraded to a skill rank with better accuracy if they are having trouble winning against inferior teams and players of their rank. You gain more LP the higher your MMR is, and you gain less LP the lower your MMR is.

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