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The main rewards for the Bakugan Launch Party

The second half of Bakugan: Geogan Rising has been officially announced for release on Roblox on September 8, 2021. To commemorate the occasion, a Roblox Bakugan Launch Party has been introduced to the site, which serves as a lobby for any Roblox user who want to attend the US premiere.

To encourage its followers to participate, they are providing exclusive launch party stuff for your Roblox Character to wear in-game. Many players, however, are intrigued about what they must accomplish to obtain all of the things made available for the Bakugan Launch Party. The answer is largely dependent on the products you wish to receive!

Items that are free

When you first join a game, which you can do by following this link to the official Bakugan Launch Party Roblox page, you will have access to two goodies. When you start the game, you will see the two menus depicted below.

Free items in Bakugan Launch Party

The first image shows the benefits you can get by attending the launch party on certain days during the premiere. As you can see, from September 6, 2021 to September 15, 2021, a new gift is delivered every day. While it’s unclear how long you’ll be able to claim awards from prior days, you can do so right now!

The second image is merely a welcome message that appears when you first start playing the game. When you press Thank You!, you will receive the Dan Kouzo character avatar and Dragonoid Companion!

Items Purchased

There are also non-free products that are special to the game. There are two options for purchasing mentioned products, both of which are depicted in the image below.

Purchase items in Bakugan Launch Party

You can buy paid stuff in-game by doing one of two things:

On the right side of the screen, click the Shopping Cart symbol (top image).
Place your character in the main lobby’s Merchandise Shop (bottom image).
These products all cost different amounts of Robux, an in-game currency that may be purchased with real-world money. Because these products cost real money to use, you should go to the Merchandise Shop to view how they look before purchasing them!

That’s how you earn all of the products and incentives in Bakugan Launch Party!

People also ask

What do you get from the Bakugan event in Roblox?

The Loop in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Prepare for an all new Roblox experience! Join the Bakugan Launch Party today to receive daily gaming benefits such as a free in-game Dan Kouzo avatar, a customizable CUBBO, and a small DRAGO buddy!

Image result for How to get all Bakugan Launch Party Items on Roblox

How do you get Bakugan shoulder in Roblox?
All you have to do is visit the Bakugan Launch Party experience to earn the Drago Companion shoulder pet item! To get a free Classic Cap, go to the Roblox Community Space and complete all three tasks listed under the Tasks tab in the top left-hand corner of the screen.
How do you get Bakugan dragon on Roblox?
Bakugan – Drago Companion is a UGC shoulder accessory released by SMLstudiobkg in the avatar shop on September 3, 2021. It’s part of the Bakugan Launch Party. It can be earned for free by participating in the event game or purchased for 100 Robux.
How do you get dragonoid on Roblox?
To obtain the Drago Companion, players must first launch the Roblox Bakugan Launch Party activity. When players enter the game, a message will appear thanking them for participating in the experience. Players will obtain the Dragonoid game badge and the Drago Companion shoulder item as soon as this information appears.

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