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Clarks has made its way into the Roblox metaverse with the collaborative experience Clarks’ CICAVERSE, which comes with five free avatar items! The CICAVERSE, which was first revealed via a tweet from the official Clarks Twitter account, opened on May 16, 2022, and contains a variety of minigames for gamers to enjoy. There’s also a secret scavenger hunt that only a select few gamers will be able to finish. Continue reading below to learn how to obtain all of the free things in this event.

Getting all of the freebies

Below is a complete list of all the free things available to gain in this adventure, as well as instructions on how to unlock them. Continue reading past this list if you want a more in-depth guide.

Helmet with a Lion’s Head
For 15 minutes, stay within the Clarks’ CICAVERSE experience.
Backpack with a Shoebox
Complete six laps in the Cica Gold Jetpack BMX Race minigame.
In the Breakdancing minigame Desert Boot Headphones, get five perfects.
In less than 90 seconds, complete the parkour race.
Reach level 10 with Clarks Shoelace Wings

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Helmet with a Lion’s Head

The Lion Head Helmet is perhaps the simplest item to gain, as all you have to do is spend 15 minutes inside the Clarks’ CICAVERSE experience to earn it. This can be done when you’re not playing or while you’re actively playing—either way, it counts! After spending the required amount of time inside, you’ll be given the Welcome to Clarks event badge and the Lion Head Helmet item.

Backpack with a Shoebox

This item’s badge description says “finish BMX minigame 5 times,” but this isn’t entirely accurate. In actuality, earning the Shoebox Backpack is a lot easier than this description suggests. Join Clarks’ CICAVERSE and look for the BMX minigame entrance depicted below to begin earning this prize.

To participate in this minigame, enter the glowing circle and press the E key on your keyboard.

You must finish the race by doing three laps around the track and crossing the finish line once you’ve entered the minigame.

To obtain the BMX Enthusiast badge and the Shoebox Backpack, play this minigame twice!

Gold Cica Jetpack

The Fancy Feet badge’s description, like the badge listed above, is incorrect. Players only need five perfects in the Breakdancing minigame, not 20, as stated in the badge description, to get this badge and the matching Cica Gold Jetpack item. Look for the entryway pictured below and approach it to play this minigame.

To participate in this minigame, enter the glowing circle and press the E key on your keyboard.

As the correct icon shows on your screen, press the up, down, left, or right arrow key on your keyboard as the minigame begins. You must timing your key stroke with the exact instant that the white icon moves past its matching pink icon to achieve perfection. However, keep in mind that you only have five lives per round, so your chances of getting perfects are restricted!

You’ll get the Fancy Feet badge and the Cica Gold Jetpack if you get five perfects!

Headphones with Desert Boots

Unfortunately, the Parkour Master badge, which correlates to this item, does not specify how to obtain it. Players must complete the Parkour minigame in under 90 seconds to receive the Desert Boot Headphones. This can be a very aggravating and stressful task, but if we can do it, so can you! Go to the entrance pictured below and approach it to enter the minigame and give it a shot.

Hold the E key on your keyboard as you walk into the shimmering circle around it.

You have 90 seconds to sprint, jump, and climb your way over various obstacles and three unique stages after the experience loads you into the minigame. You can teleport to the experience’s lobby by pressing the red Exit button at the bottom of your screen at any moment to resume the minigame.

You should see a form of the pop-up below once you’ve completed the minigame in under 90 seconds and receive the Desert Boot Headphones and corresponding badge!

Clarks Shoelace Wings are a pair of shoelace wings made by Clarks.
The Clarks Shoelace Wings are the most hardest item to obtain in this event, in our opinion. This is because you must earn enough XP to reach level 10 in order to receive them. So, how do you get experience points? Minigames are a fun way to pass the time. And how much XP is required to reach level ten? 10,000. And how much XP do you get for each minigame you complete? ….about 150. To say the least, this is time consuming!

If you’re ever interested about your current level, open the leaderboard by pressing the Tab key on your keyboard. This will display everyone’s level and XP on the server, including yours.

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