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The Metaverse has been invaded by the second annual Song Breaker Awards! This award event honours all of the inventors and musicians who have promoted pop music on social media through dances, trends, and various challenges. This experience includes several free things, including the (GOLD) Litra Glow Wingsuit and (GOLD) Logitech StreamCam, which can be earned by following the guide below!

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Getting free stuff

Litra Glow Wingsuit (GOLD)
Taking a ride on the experience’s rollercoaster will get you the (GOLD) Litra Glow Wingsuit. Look for the neon-orange lights that scream Rollercoaster near the Lizzo booth to discover this rollercoaster.

As you approach these lights, you’ll discover a few staircases; climb all of them until you reach the top, where the rollercoaster loading zone sits.

Wait for the rollercoaster to return to the loading platform once you’ve reached the top. Approach the cart and press E to take a seat when it arrives. You’ll be given the THRILLSEEKER badge and a Litra Glow Wingsuit gift as soon as you sit down!

Logitech StreamCam (GOLD)
Players must snap a picture in the Selfie XL photo booth to acquire the (GOLD) Logitech SteamCam. This booth is located to the left of the Lizzo-themed area and the rollercoaster steps.

Simply walk up to the white platform in between the two Selfie XL logos and jump on top of it to snap a picture at this booth. The camera in front of you will begin a five-second countdown before capturing a picture as soon as you make contact with the platform. You’ll get the GLOW UP badge and a Logitech StreamCam item once the photo is shot!

POP Keys Hat (GOLD)
Any player who collects all 25 Logitech Coins, the locations of which may be located below, will receive the (GOLD) POP Keys Hat.

The first coin is near the Bretman Rock and Walker NPCs, across the street from the spawn place. Simply walk into a coin to grab it.

Look for the large pink keycap near spawn to continue your hunt. Jumping on this keycap will take you to the roof of a nearby building, where you can collect the floating currency.

Two more coins can be collected from the roof of this structure. To get the first one, walk to the left and halt just before the roof’s edge. You should notice a coin hovering above a lamp post if you look down. To get this coin, jump onto the lamppost.

Return to the roof and jump onto the purple keycap to grab the second coin in this region. This will launch you into the air, allowing you to collect the coin as well as move forward to the following coins.

You should see the Defy Logic studio building and two more Logitech Coins after hopping on the keycap. Jump from keycap to keycap until you reach the ceiling of the studio and the coin on it.

Walk toward the edge of the roof near the backyard once you’ve collected the coin on the roof. Two more coins should be seen here, one on a palm tree and the other in the pool. To gather both of these coins, drop onto the palm tree and then jump into the pool.

Leave the studio after collecting the final coin and proceed to the Logitech for Creators store.

Another coin can be found within this establishment.

Leave the store and go to the Selfie XL photo booth to continue your search. The selfie platform has a single coin hovering above it.

After you’ve collected this coin, proceed to the left of the Selfie XL photo booth and inside The Golden Arcade, where you’ll find another coin.

Looking to the left of the arcade and following the winding staircase that leads to the garden beneath will lead you to the second coin in this region.

Head to the rollercoaster entrance once you’ve acquired this currency. Three coins can be obtained by riding the rollercoaster, and one can be found on the first spiral staircase.

Follow the stairs all the way up to the loading platform to find the next coin. When you reach the top, walk to the platform’s end and look for the purple keycap buried beneath it. Jumping upon this keycap will propel you to the awning of the platform, where the final coin in this region can be found.

Return to the main area after collecting this coin and search for the Lizzo-themed booth to enter. A penny is hidden behind the golden Lizzo shirt display within this booth. After you’ve collected this coin, exit the booth and look to the right for the hidden passageway. The next coin can be found by passing through this entryway and up the stairs.

Continue travelling down the tunnel after collecting the coin inside until you reach the platform on the other side. A big music-playing robot and another coin stand in front of this platform.

Jump on the purple keycaps until you reach the top of the building to grab the next coin in this section.


To get the coin from the enormous laptop at the top of this skyscraper, press E to turn it on.

Jump off the building and into the street below once you’ve gathered the coin from the laptop. When you do, you’ll see that the building’s lower floor doubles as a restaurant, with another coin on its spinning belt. We acquired the coin by accident prior to publishing this guide, so we don’t have a picture of its specific location, but we can promise it will be somewhere around the restaurant.

Another penny is concealed in the multicoloured shrubs just outside the café.

Rainbow River is hidden behind this shrub; dive in and swim to the riverbed to find the next coin.

It’s now time to collect the final two coins. To get to these coins, grab a hoverboard from Rainbow River’s dock and fly into the sky, keeping a look out for a giant floating rock.

It’s now time to collect the final two coins. To get to these coins, grab a hoverboard from Rainbow River’s dock and fly into the sky, keeping a look out for a giant floating rock.

Approach the rock once you’ve found it; doing so will instantly gather the concealed currency.

A large building across from the spinning restaurant houses the final coin. The coin will draw to your avatar as soon as you approach this building.

You’ll gain the SECURE THE BAG badge and the (GOLD) POP Keys Hat prize if you’ve collected all 25 coins!

Blue Yeti Shoulder Microphone (GOLD)
To obtain the (GOLD) Blue Yeti Shoulder Microphone, players must speak with each of the 10 honoured NPCs located throughout the game. Only six honorees have been added to the experience as of the publication of this article, so we’ll have to wait until Saturday, April 30, 2022, to locate the final four and get the AUTOGRAPH HOUND badge and item.

In the interim, below are the locations of the currently implemented NPCs.

In addition to the Logitech for Creators store,

The Logitech for Creators shop interior

Rainbow River is nearby.

At the boarding station for the rollercoaster

Through the Lizzo booth’s concealed entryway

Through the Lizzo booth’s concealed entryway

On the platform where the robot is playing music

As the last four honorees are added to this experience, we will update this guide with their locations!

SBA Lizzo Concert Tee (Yellow)

Return to the Song Breaker Awards experience on either Saturday, April 30, 2022, or Sunday, May 1, 2022, and watch Lizzo’s virtual concert performance in its entirety to win the Lizzo SBA Concert Tee (Yellow). Along with the concert tee, those who complete this mission will receive the YOU’RE SPECIAL badge.


Those who want to claim the (GOLD) GAYLE ABC Chain will need to return to the Song Breaker Awards experience on either Saturday, April 30, 2022, or Sunday, May 1, 2022, and witness the whole virtual concert performance of GAYLE. The KNOW YOUR ABCS badge and its accompanying item will be awarded to those who complete this activity.



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