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The enigmatic Project Miami experience has now been revealed, as several users have discovered! On May 3, 2022, Spotify Island will be revealed, allowing users to explore a realm consisting with music, quests, parkour activities, and more. Spotify Island also includes four free avatar things, which players can obtain by following the instructions below.

Getting free goods

To obtain all four of the free things available in Spotify Island, players must complete several quests and earn the accompanying badges. Once you’ve entered the adventure, locate and click on the checkmark icon on the right-hand side of your screen to access these quests at any time and track your progress. This will bring up the mission menu shown below.

Check out the list below for a quick rundown of every free item in this adventure and how to collect them. Continue reading after the list for further information:

Waiting ()
Complete the 5-Petal Backpack lesson.
Collect all 20 music notes.
Find and jump on 13 different mushrooms.
Floating Boombox
Trigger 10 sounds from the music cave
Trigger 10 musical noises trampoline


Finishing the tutorial

When you first arrive on Spotify Island, you should discover a trail of green arrows leading your player to various areas throughout the island. The tutorial arrow is shown here. Follow this arrow to each area to complete the tutorial quickly.

Once you’ve reached the last destination, the Effects Store, choose any bubble effect you can afford and press Buy to finish the tutorial and unlock the Hwaiting  emote.

Music note collection

Thankfully, the 20 music notes spread around the Spotify Island map are very straightforward to find. In reality, you most likely obtained the first two by simply completing the course. Check out the images below for a brief overview of all of the note placements.

Following the tutorial gateway to the main area will lead you to the first music note. You should immediately grab it as soon as you touch down. If you didn’t get it automatically, you can find it at the location listed below.

This log contains one note that can be found by following the tutorial path.
(We accidently gathered it before to publishing this tutorial.)

On this log, you can find one.

There is one near this fruit.
(Once again, we collected this note by accident before to drafting the book.)

Finally, there is one in the music cave.

After finishing the tutorial, you’ll be left to your own devices to explore the rest of the map. Following the parkour course laid out around Spotify Island is the best approach to collect the remaining music notes—doing so should help you capture practically all of them. If you’re still looking for more direct assistance, take a look at the images and descriptions below.

There are a total of three notes positioned near the experience’s main stage—one on a mushroom to the left of the stage and two on the stage itself.

Collecting the music note on the mushroom will launch you into the air, revealing the platform shown below.

Another music note and a few music-themed trampolines can be found on this platform, which we’ll return to later.

Sliding down the galactic path will reveal another note.

Another near the fallen tree trunk.

The following several notes are only accessible via bouncing, climbing, and sliding, so they demand a little more effort. First, locate the mushroom near the fallen log and hop onto it.

This should take you to the platform shown below.

Next, seek for a tall stump with a vine wrapped around it. You’ll need to hop onto the vine at the bottom and ride it all the way up to the top of this stump to find the music note.

Ride the vine that runs from the top of the stump you’re presently standing on to the platform next to it to locate the following two notes. Once there, look for a log with a music note written on it.

To find the next note, proceed to the left-most edge of the platform you’re presently standing on and descend to the platform beneath.

Look for the stack of watermelons at the lesson portal for the final climbing-related music note.

Climbing these watermelons should lead to the platform shown below.

To access the last music note, you must have collected at least 1,000 Hearts and unlocked the Tree gateway. Given how quickly Hearts regenerate, you should be able to collect 1,000 with little to no difficulty.

After you’ve unlocked the portal, utilize it to get to the platform shown below. Drop down from this platform and aim yourself to land on any of the ones beneath it to gather the final music note.

You’ll be able to grab the final message once you arrive.

When you’ve collected all 20 music notes, the Collect all notes! The relevant 5-Petal Backpack item should be added to your Robloxian’s inventory, and the badge should appear on your screen!

Taking off on mushrooms

Jumping on 13 of Spotify Island’s mushrooms will get you the Annyeong () emote. Though you can’t hop on the same mushroom 13 times, it’s not difficult to find 13 different mushrooms. In reality, you may have already finished this mission while searching for music notes!

Activating music sounds

This quest, aside from the one that takes you through the tutorial, is perhaps the easiest of all to finish. Return to the music cave where the tutorial lead you and press at least 10 of the music-themed buttons inside if you haven’t previously. You will receive the Producer badge as a result of this.

Return to the platform with the music trampolines if you haven’t previously.

Once you’ve arrived, jump from trampoline to trampoline at least 10 times. You should obtain the Playful Producer badge after your tenth leap.

Now that you’ve obtained both badges, you should be able to obtain the matching Floating Boombox badge and item. However, there is a danger that your badges will become corrupted. If this happens to you, as it happened to us, your quest menu will show that you’ve unlocked both individual badges but not the Floating Boombox badge.

If you come across this or a similar bug, you may be compelled to delete the badges from your Roblox profile, enter Spotify Island, and earn them both again. To do so, pick the three dots next to the title of one of the badges. Select Delete from Inventory from the dropdown menu that opens, and then repeat the process for the other badge. The badge will be removed from your entire profile and can be acquired again.


Following this method and completing all of the steps outlined above, you should have access to all of the free Spotify-themed stuff in your Roblox inventory! Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see all of these items straight away. Event badges and their accompanying items might sometimes take hours, days, or even weeks to show, indicating that the problem is most likely not on your end, but rather in Roblox’s backend. These items should be available in your avatar inventory within a week, if not sooner.

If they don’t appear within this time range, you may need to try the previously described remedy of erasing glitched badges and earning them again.


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