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Gladiator is a popular tower in Roblox Tower Defense due to its strong damage numbers and low basic price. The tower was first made available for a limited time during the SFOTH event in 2019. Later, during the Memorial Day and Black Friday sales in 2021, the character was advertised inside the store once more. Based on prior release trends and community demand, the Gladiator tower will be available inside the game store on May 30, 2022. Still, we still await official confirmation from the creators.

Roblox Tower Defense Simulator Gladiator Stats and Abilities

Gladiator Level 1 Warrior Armor costs $250.
+1 in damage
Dangersense Gladiator Level 2 Price: $500
+2 Damage Perks: Hidden Detection

Dangersense Gladiator Level 3
The cost is $1500.
Warrior’s Call Ability: +5 Damage
Gladiator 4 – Illuminate
The cost is $2500.
Damage: +15 Benefits: Lower Swing Rate (0.758)


Darkheart Swordsmen – Gladiator Level 5
The cost is $6000.
+15 damage
Benefits: Lower Swing Rate (0.5)
If the tower becomes accessible on Memorial Day, it will be offered as an exclusive game item for 500 Robux.


Tower Defense Simulator: Gladiator - Skin: Slugger Minecraft Skin


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People also ask

Is it still possible to get gladiator in Tower Defense Simulator?
Gladiator and Gamepass are no longer available.
Can you still get gladiator in Tower Defense Simulator 2022?
Gladiator and Gamepass are no longer available. In truth, is the frost blaster still available in Tower Defense Simulator? Frost Blaster can no longer be obtained with the gamepass. For example, in Tower Defense Simulator 2021, how do you get cowboy?
What is the best tower in Tower Defence simulator Roblox?

1) Commandant

Because of its Call to Arms feature, this tower is highly valued in Roblox Tower Defense Simulator. It significantly increases the fire rate of all towers in range. It also allows the Commander to employ a weapon, which means it can cause damage while still providing support.

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What is the code for tower defense?
The Slasher can be extremely beneficial early in the game. With proper placement, it may easily beat the first several waves. Because of its low cost, the Slasher is a very effective technique to kill hidden adversaries early in the game.
Is Golden Cowboy good?
It’s quite nice, and if you’re savvy, it can replace farming, albeit the early game is a little rough until level 3. Late game money income paired with commander is excellent, ranging from 50-100 every 0.9 seconds. No, golden cowboy is terrible. It could be utilized in solos, but more dependable towers are advised.
What is the best golden skin in Tower Defense Simulator?
Minigunner Golden (High DPS tower and good for mid game on fallen)
Scout of the Year (Best early game tower for fallen with cheap prices and 15 damage every shot at max)
The Golden Cowboy (Great DPS at max and great for early-game, decent for mid-game)
Is mortar good tower defense?
The Mortar is essentially a Rocketeer on a cliff. The Mortar, on the other hand, is marginally better than the Rocketeer since it has a longer range and lower firerate on some levels, but it has higher upgrading prices and a lower placement limit. Keep in mind that the Mortar is a cliff-top turret.

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