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Rageblade is a Roblox Bedwars unique weapon available only to the Barbarian Kit. Because of its enormous damage stats, the sword is well-known among players. The Rageblade, unlike most other kit-exclusive weapons or accessories, cannot be purchased via the game store. Instead, you must fill your wrath meter to change your normal wooden sword to Rageblade.


How do you replenish your fury meter?

As previously stated, you must full your fury meter in order to obtain the Rageblade. To fill up the wrath meter, you must kill opponents and earn kill points. Filling up your fury meter takes about 10- 15 kills. Once full, the default sword in your hand will transform into the Rageblade.

How does the Rageblade work in Roblox Bedwars?

The Rageblade can be wielded like any other melee/sword weapon. But, the best way to wield the Rageblade is to Enchant it with diverse powers like Fire and Static, converting the already formidable blade into a fatal one.

Remember that if you die, you will lose your Rageblade and the meter will be reset to 50%. You cannot also give or drop the weapon to any of your teammates.

How to Get Rageblade in Bedwars Roblox Lobby | AlfinTech Computer


People also ask

Can you get a Rageblade from fishing in Roblox Bedwars?
Many players have circulated the rumour that a Rageblade may be obtained by fishing. This has been proven incorrect. The only means to obtain coral blocks, rocket launcher, and charge shield are through fishing and breaking lucky blocks.
What is the most powerful weapon in Roblox Bedwars?
The Ice Dagger is without a doubt the most fantastic sword that can be used in Roblox Bedwars. This weapon, however, is a close-range weapon with damage of roughly 90 or 100 depending on the enemy’s armour.
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How much damage does a Rageblade do in Roblox Bedwars?
65 points of damage
Rageblade. When you reach maximum rage, the Emerald Sword is replaced with the Rageblade. It deals 65 damage and is the game’s most powerful Sword and third most powerful melee weapon.
How do you spawn a dodo bird in Bedwars?
To spawn the Dodo bird in the game, open the chat in the upper left corner of your screen and type spawn. To summon a Dodo bird in the region, type /spawn dodo entity 1 in the chat. You can use this command to generate an unlimited number of Dodos. This command is only applicable in a custom match.
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Is Rageblade stronger than emerald sword?
The Rageblade is a kit-exclusive weapon that replaces the Emerald Sword for the Barbarian, and it has the fifth highest attack damage of any weapon.
What sword does the most damage in Roblox Bedwars?
Stone Sword 25 34 Sword Name Default Attack Damage Damage Tier 2
30 41 Iron Sword 42 57 Diamond Sword 42 57 Emerald Sword 55 74
How do you become a pro in Bedwars Roblox?
Roblox Bedwars Tips and Tricks for Winning Matches
Build bricks around and around your beds to protect them.
Determine the location of your opponent’s bed.
As you continue through the game, keep improving your armors, swords, and other weapons.
Pick your battles wisely.
How do you get the ice sword in Bedwars?
The Ice Sword is a melee weapon included with the kit that replaces the Emerald Sword in the Item Shop. This item is only available to Freiya kit users.
How much damage does Rageblade do?
Attacking. The ragebade has a base damage of 15 HP at level 1 Light Melee. It has the capacity to do damage to several monsters in a single swipe. When utilizing this weapon, there is also a tiny possibility of landing a critical hit, which means the strike will cause 50% more damage.
How do you get XP fast in Roblox BedWars?
To gain XP, you must participate in duels, which are fights between two teams of two players, and you will receive 300 XP per game, plus a 20% bonus. If you wish to advance in level, you must gain more XP, and this option provides the most XP.
How do you get good at Roblox?
ROBLOX Build: Five Ways to “Win” Quite a bit…
Be an active member of the ROBLOX community. The ROBLOX forums are an excellent location to meet other builders.
Discover more about the ROBLOX economy. Use it to your advantage to amass wealth.
Learn a new skill.
Experiment all the time.


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