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If you employ fire weapons in Tower of Fantasy, you should be able to find Firecore. You can improve your weaponry by using this crucial resource. However, a lot of players are having problems obtaining it. So let’s look at how to obtain Firecore in Tower of Fantasy (ToF) and how to use it in this guide.

The best way to obtain firecore in Tower of Fantasy

In ToF, there are two ways to obtain Firecore.

Investigate the planet Aida first if you want to find them in the open world. You must search for red-colored Crystal nodes. Here, the colour red is crucial. This is so that you can farm a different core, which is represented by a distinct hue. Take a fire weapon from your inventory and begin attacking this node as you come across them. It will release Firecore when it is destroyed.

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Tower of Fantasy: How to get Firecore | The Nerd Stash

There aren’t any specific places where you can look for them with certainty. However, you should look for them in mountainous areas. Oh, and any area with snow is one you should avoid searching for them in.
Buying from the weapon store At the weapon store, a Firecore costs one Black Gold. You can purchase 10 of these each day. Additionally, you must complete Special Orders that call for the expenditure of Black or Gold Nuclei in order to obtain Black Gold. Although you can locate this material in the open world, it is not advised to spend your Black Gold here.

Utilizing Firecore

In Tower of Fantasy, there are two ways you can use firecore:

Weapon upgrades: Firecores can be used to upgrade fire weaponry. This is a basic resource, and to keep updating your fire weapon you will need higher quality materials.
Obtaining materials of greater quality: To obtain resources of better grade, you can fuse many Firecores. Their crafting recipes are as follows:
4 Firecores: Heart of Lava
Sunsource: 20 Firecores or five Hearts of Fire

That concludes my guide on firecore location and usage in Tower of Fantasy (ToF). Check out our other guide while you are hunting for weapon resources as well.

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