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BlueTwelve Studio’s adventure game Stray lets you explore a Cybercity populated by robots. As you play, you take on the role of a stray cat who must complete objectives and live the experience. You will find yourself in a train station in Chapter 12 as you get closer to the game’s conclusion. From there, all you have to do to view the outside is go to the exit and go. However, a door stands in the way of your freedom. I’ll demonstrate how to open the door to the outside in Stray Chapter 12 in this guide.

How to Open the Outside Door in Chapter 12 of Stray

You must proceed up to the Station exit as you get off the train. When you arrive, you will discover a closed door that you must open. You must travel to the Control Room in Stray Chapter 12 to open the door to the outside. You will need to activate the Robot directly in front of the Control Room to unlock it because it is locked. Bring the Robot to the indicated location and cut the wiring leading from the electrical panel to the door.

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Stray Chapter 12
Stray Chapter 12

Switching on the primary computer

As soon as you enter the control room, go straight to the main computer at the far end and check it out. After that, in order to hack the main computer, you must turn on the row of computers in front of it. Simply run over the keyboards on the rows of computers to complete the task. All of the computers should be activated by this, and the main computer should be hackable.

Table of Contents

Cracking the Code

You discover that the Roof Control is locked after breaking into the Main Computer. You must locate 3 computers that have a yellow lock on their screens in order to unlock it. Access the Panel on each computer by going there. Either a board or a panel door conceals their panels. Get to the Panel and cut the wiring. B12 will hack the System once each Panel has been destroyed. Get B12 to the Workstation after the third

When you’ve finished, the Door to the Outside World and the Roof of the building will both be unlocked. Go to the Door now to leave and enter the outside world. The entire focus of Stray Chapter 12 was on How to Open the Door to the Outside. This advice has hopefully been useful to you.

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