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Warner Bros. has released the epic cross-platform fighting game MultiVersus for open beta testing. Classic characters from Warner Bros., DC Comics, HBO, Turner Entertainment, and Cartoon Network can be unlocked in the game. There are now 17 selectable characters in the game, with 2 more on the way. The platform gameplay similarity leaves players feeling nostalgic even though they are loving the game. Others are unsure of when they can begin using Gamecube Controller. If you want to play MultiVersus with the Gamecube Controller and relive your childhood, this article is for you.

 MultiVersus, utilize the Gamecube controller

Although no issues have been observed using this method, considerable technical knowledge is still required. If you fully comprehend this approach, we advise you to use it. Here is how to play MultiVersus while using a Gamecube controller:

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An adapter that links the Gamecube Controller to the PC would be the first necessity.
Make sure the port on the back of the adapter is linked to Wii U/NS and not the PC when you connect it to the PC.
The correct drivers must then be installed for Gamecube Controller to function on your PC.
One that comes to mind when attempting to use a Gamecube Controller on a PC is Delfinovin.
After installation, launch Delfinovin and attach your Gamecube Controller with the adapter.


When you are connected, the Delfinovin input will display two green possibilities. If not, you must install the available option from the UI’s bottom right.
Since you’re connected, you can adjust controls or change settings before playing the game with the Gamecube Controller.

Fix for Gamecube C-Stick Issues

While playing with the Gamecube Controller, most have appreciated the nostalgic vibe, however some are having problems. According to reports, some gamers are having problems with the C-Stick and are unsure of how to solve it. What you must do is as follows:

Use the one we specified above if you already have another driver installed.
Open Delfinovin on your PC after connecting your Gamecube Controller to the adaptor.
The connected Controller 1 and the Edit option are next to each other. Click Edit Settings after selecting the Edit option.
Increase the Right Stick Range to 88 or a bit above, depending on how smoothly it is operating, and then scroll down to Right Stick Deadzone and reduce it to zero.
After clicking Apply, test your controller in the game.

You don’t need to do anything else to use the Gamecube Controller in MultiVersus.

People also ask

On a computer, how do I utilize the GameCube controller as a mouse?

using a GameCube controller on a computer
Install and download reWASD.

Open the software, then attach the GameCube controller to the computer: Make sure to use the proper mode and avoid using a PC driver for a third-party GameCube controller.

When a new game profile is added to reWASD, the Config is automatically produced.

Start remapping now!

On Steam, how do you utilize a GameCube controller?

Purchase a Wii U USB GCN Adapter, then connect other USB ports on both ends of your PC.
Download the most recent version of the Wii U USB GCN adapter driver.
Select your Install location and Shortcut choices by running the Setup file now.

Does the PC support USB GameCube controllers?

A GameCube controller to PC adaptor is required. There are a few that can be found online, with recent versions supporting the Nintendo Switch. The older adapters are made to function with both the PC and Wii U.

Can a controller be plugged into Steam Deck?

The Steam Deck, which balances between a handheld and a desktop device, can perform nearly all of the functions of a gaming computer, including Bluetooth and USB connections with external controllers.

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