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The number of things you can do, structures you can build, and activities you can do with your friends is practically limitless in Minecraft. However, starting a farm and raising pigs can be a fulfilling experience on occasion. You may wonder what pigs eat in Minecraft if you decide to go this route.

Pigs in Minecraft need food

When it comes to food, Minecraft’s Pigs are an easygoing mob that enjoys a wide range of vegetables. Carrots, potatoes, and beets are included in this category. Pigs in Minecraft can only eat these items, and they can all be grown by doing so. You could use carrots, which were attached to a stick, to steer your pig.

Pigs in Minecraft: How to Provide Proper Nutrition

You must be holding a carrot, potato, or beetroot in order to feed pigs in Minecraft. Hold down the Left Trigger or the Right Mouse Button while aiming at the pig until the food is depleted.

Pigs can only reproduce if they are fed. A well-stocked pigpen is always a good idea in Minecraft, as they can be used for transportation or food.

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