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Take CodyCross into the stratosphere

developed by Anja Goritzka on July 4th, 2018 and posted in Online Word Games

When you have been playing crossword puzzles for a while, they may seem very routine. Then something incredible happens, such as the CodyCross game. More than a million eager players have already downloaded this game from Fanatree. It is one of the games that was selected as one of the top Google Play Store apps of 2017 and guarantees a fantastic gaming experience for all players.

Using CodyCross to find the proper solutions

It will keep you fascinated because it has so many interesting qualities. To start, there are a tonne of puzzles to choose from, worlds to discover, a great deal of trivia, and the opportunity to have a blast while learning. Cody Cross, the friendly extraterrestrial, comes to life as soon as you start playing because to the fantastic design. It gives both adults and children a tonne of entertainment.

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Start your Adventure

You must initially select one of two possibilities. This will involve choosing a game from the packs or going on an expedition. My recommendation is to begin your trip by doing so. If you choose this, you will experience a cosmic spin before arriving on Earth. When you choose the first puzzle, which will have a giant finger pointing in its direction, you immediately enter Group 1.

crossword puzzle
crossword puzzle

CodyCross instructions

There are five different puzzles available here. The fun then starts. You may type the letters needed to spell out any word using the keyboard. You will receive a number of tokens at the start of each game to aid you in deciphering letters that could be a little tricky. One of Cody Cross’s little friends, who resembles a tiny bee and is adorable, places the tokens on the gaming board.

There is a glimmer, and more letters drop and land on the board, filling in the empty spots, when you get a word right. You can see hints above the keyboard to help you figure out which word to enter. The same number of letters are used in each of the horizontal words.

A secret word will appear on the darker vertical lines once you have solved a riddle. There are frequently no other words on the vertical lines that are a little lighter than the secret word. The hidden word tiles are a dark pink colour.

Your CodyCross Adventure: Continuing

You will be able to explore new planets as you play more. Each world you visit will feature at least 20 groups, and there will be 5 riddles in each group for you to solve. Some of the hints are rather challenging or ambiguous, so you should get as much assistance as possible. There are cheats available that you can use to complete any of the game’s stages as well as the game’s packs, at any degree of difficulty.


While playing with Cody Cross, there are numerous advantages and milestones that you can obtain. You receive these as tokens when you finish an increasing number of puzzles. The more tokens you get, the more you may use the small bee to your advantage while playing and aid in your victory. It is relatively easy to increase your token count quickly. All you have to do is invite your Facebook friends to participate. You will receive an incredible 20 tokens absolutely free for each person you enrol.

Try the Packs Out

There are packs that you can play in place of all the planets as well. These are excellent if you want to improve your talent because you can progress through Easy, Medium, and Hard levels. There are kid and teen levels for ages 11 to 14 if you wish to expand the language and analytical abilities of your young children.

Every week, new puzzles are made available in the packs section. Try out the various themes in each of these puzzle sets. The game is quite similar to what you would discover when visiting planets once you have selected the pack. Simply finish the words, then keep an eye out for the hidden word that pops up on the vertical columns.

crossword puzzle
crossword puzzle


Option for Premium Access in the Packs
While playing the packs, you will see that there is a premium access option that you may purchase. The majority of the games are free to play. If you opt to pay for the premium access, you can play 40 new puzzles every week, the difficulty levels are more varied, there are even more themed packs available, and there are no advertisements. If you select premium access, you will also get some extra bonus tokens each month. You have the option of selecting a monthly or yearly subscription. You can test it out to see all the advantages that the premium access has to offer for a whole week without charge.
You might not be able to experience and test out all of the packs if you do not purchase premium access.


The CodyCross game promises a good time, and after finishing one level, it seems as though you have learned something new for the next one. It has a pack-related premium section as well as an adventure-related free section. You will see that there are very few advertisements, even in the free portion. Most of the time, you will be able to play without seeing any adverts, and even if they do, you can watch the first five seconds and then skip the remainder to maximise your enjoyment of the game.

CodyCross will take you to new Worlds.

You will realise that CodyCross is such a great game that it will keep you entertained for a long time. With so many different worlds to explore, the journey becomes better the more you play. Additionally, it will make you ponder and identify all the many word types that you can obtain by examining the hints. Explore every aspect of the game, starting with the adventures and continuing all the way to the packs.

People also ask

What is the CodyCross game play?
To the right of a problem, press the green and white play button. Take a look at the screen’s layout. You’ll see a banner at the top with an option to customize the look of your CodyCross icon and to add more tokens when Worlds are finished.
What are the crossword puzzle’s rules?
By figuring out the solutions to the clues, which lead to the answers, the objective is to fill the white squares with letters to create words or sentences. The answer words and phrases are arranged in the grid from top to bottom and left to right (“across”) in languages where writing is done from left to right (“down”).
How can I master crosswords?
Barkin outlined the ways in which the typical person might develop their crossword abilities in an interview with Business Insider.
Start off by solving simpler riddles.
Try to gain a basic understanding of everything.
Your friend is Google.
begin by filling in the blanks.
Recognize terms that recur frequently.
Remain calm.



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